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Equestrian Essentials: What Is Inside a Basic Horse Grooming Kit?

By Little Fields Farm 2 months ago 1432 Views

Do you ever wonder what it takes to clean a horse? The job definitely doesn’t get done on its own. You need time, equipment, and a whole lot of strength to thoroughly clean this magnificent beast.

Novice horse riders are usually under the impression that a splash of water and brush can do the trick. Whereas in reality there is a lot more to grooming than brushing.

A Beginner’s Guide to Grooming Horses

By Little Fields Farm 2 months ago 1380 Views

How often do you groom your horse?

If you are one of those riders who groom their horses once a month or twice a month then boy you are in trouble. The esteemed British Horse Society advises horse riders to groom their four-legged friends every day. They believe that putting some elbow grease in cleaning your horses is highly beneficial for the animal’s well-being.

Mane and Tail: Your Guide for Horse Care

By Little Fields Farm 5 months ago 1010 Views

Do you agree that the beauty of a horse lies in their glorious mane?

Whether they are black beauties, whimsical white or earthy brown ones, all horses are proud of their silky smooth manes that shine under the sun.

5 Tips to Groom Your Horse the Right Way

By Little Fields Farm 1 years ago 2003 Views

Grooming your horse is extremely important for improvement of their appearance and health. It also gives you the opportunity to bond well with your horse. Regular grooming enhances blood circulation in its body. It increases the release of natural oils into the coat, allowing it to protect the horse against harsh weather in a more effective way. While grooming, you can also check its skin for any injuries.

Horse Grooming Gear Checklist: Do You Have Everything your Horse Needs?

By Little Fields Farm 1 years ago 4447 Views

Every horse owner, trainer, rider and breeder knows that for horses to perform their best; they must be cleaned and groomed regularly. If you are a passionate rider and have recently purchased your first horse, this blog will be of great help to you. In this blog we are going to list the essentials to compiling a basic grooming kit for beginners.