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Equestrian Essentials: Why Should You Wear a Helmet?

By Little Fields Farm 29 days ago 4265 Views

Do you wear a helmet while you ride your horse?

Probably not, right? It might be because you are under the impression that only newbies wear the helmet. Or you think the helmet is too tight and stuffy for your ‘free as the wind’ riding hours with the horse. In addition to that, there are many people who feel that they have trained their horses well.

Equestrian Essentials: Decoding the Rider’s Wardrobe

By Little Fields Farm 2 months ago 2480 Views

What should you wear for your first riding lesson? What is the dress code for competitions? How do horse riders dress so elegantly?

If you are like us, these questions may have crossed your minds at least once in your lifetime. You can’t deny that equestrians are some of the most sophisticated dressers out there.

Safety First-Why Should Horse Riders Wear Reflective Safety Wear?

By Little Fields Farm 3 months ago 1417 Views

Most drivers claim that they ‘never saw the horse’ after a hit and run accident happens. This is why the British Horse Society has been adamantly trying to encourage horse riders to opt for hi-vis clothing. The safety gear is designed for better visibility on the road. In fact, riders who frequent the highway paths and are habitual of taking leisure rides at night should definitely opt for reflective gears.

Inquiring Equestrians: Why Do You Need A Saddle Pad?

By Little Fields Farm 4 months ago 1202 Views

Initially, the saddle pad was a mere saddle blanket. It was used to prevent the leather-bound saddles from getting dirty and sweaty. This is because saddles that were made of leathers were highly expensive. The material often got worn down due to the harmful environmental factors like dust and humidity.

Equestrian Essentials: The Story of Jodhpurs

By Little Fields Farm 4 months ago 1372 Views

Have you ever wondered why jodhpurs have an exotic name? When were they made? Where do they come from?

The story of its creation is buried deep within the sands of time just like the city it was named after.

Horse Basics: What Should Horses Wear While Travelling?

By Little Fields Farm 4 months ago 985 Views

From an equestrian’s point of view, horses are delicate cargo. The problem is that these beings move, fidget and are prone to flee when frightened. This is why it is suggested that horses should wear travel gear for protection.

Debunking the 5 Most Common Horse Riding Myths for Good!

By Little Fields Farm 1 years ago 1652 Views

Tired of explaining and educating others about your love for horse riding? Frustrated that everyone in your family thinks that riding a horse is as easy as riding a bike? Can’t make people understand that like other pets they need to be looked after? Irritated at how others mock you for wasting your efforts energy and money on your equine? All of this because they think it is a joke? You better tag them in this post as we are going to debunk some of the most common myths people have regarding horse riding and horses in general.

6 Reasons Why Many Riders Don’t Like Wearing Helmets

By Little Fields Farm 1 years ago 1359 Views

One of the most essential items in any horse riding checklist is helmet. Many riders believe that helmets are for kids or novices who are just learning to ride a horse. But this is not true.

Horse Riding Tips You Should Know About

By Little Fields Farm 1 years ago 1616 Views

Horse riding is an amazing activity that is enjoyed by thousands of people. It may look fun, but it requires balance, a a strong core, and strong limbs to stay steady on the saddle. If you are thinking of going horse-riding, it is recommended that you check out the following helpful tips, but before that understand the different types of horse riding.

Equi-sentials: Every Kid’s Basic Horse Riding Gear

By Little Fields Farm 1 years ago 1963 Views

Horse riding, even for the most experienced of riders can be challenging. Without proper safety gear, one only increases the likelihood of severe injuries, which can include broken bones, crushed spines, severe head injuries and fractures. On the other hand, riding safely means that the rider not only feels comfortable but actually takes all the precautions to minimize the chances of fatal injuries. As important it is for professional riders, it is only more important for kids who are training to become riders.