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Netting & Frost Protection

Garden Netting & Frost Protection

Garden netting and frost protection products protect your sensitive plants from the harshness of winter. Frost protection netting makes for an effective thermal coat that shields the plant from frost damage by maintaining a suitable internal temperature. Efficient netting also keeps pests and other crawlers at bay while allowing an even distribution of water through the porous material. At Little Fields Farm, we stock a variety of garden netting, fleece, and frost protection jackets that will take care of your plants all year round.

Anyone with a garden or even a small allotment knows that garden netting is a real gardening must-have to protect plants and fruits from pests and weather damage. Garden fleeces also support climbing plants and do much more to help them thrive.

With so many types of netting available, it’s imperative to understand what you are trying to stop. It could be bird netting to protect your fruits or fleece to protect frost-sensitive plants. Regardless of your garden need, remember to be sure you are stopping the right pests.

At Little Fields Farm, we offer a wide range of garden netting for your unique garden needs!

Frost Protection - Keep some garden fleece handy to have a frost cover for your garden. When it’s time, just drape some fleece over any tender plants to render frost cover.

Anti-Predator Netting - With our anti-predator netting, protect your plants and fruits from animal damage. The last thing you want is for a pesky rabbit or another animal taking out all your hard work and gardening success.

Anti-Bird Netting - We know from experience that birds aren’t stupid, so we need to take it up a notch to scare them away. And anti-bird netting is precisely what you need to protect your plants from birds.

Fruit-Cage Netting - As with bird netting, fruit cage netting specifically protects your ripened soft fruits from birds.

Butterfly Netting - Butterfly netting protects your plants from hungry predators, but beneficial insects like honeybees can still get through to pollinate.

Insect Netting - Our insect netting is ideal for stopping smaller pests like cabbage root fly, thrips and aphids from damaging plants.

Pea & Bean Netting - This kind of netting renders support to all the annual climbers and climbing vegetables.

Fixing Pegs and Clips - We also have fixing pegs and clips for our fellow gardeners to make the netting installation a breeze.