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How to Use Garden Netting to Protect Your Plants

By Little Fields Farm 7 days ago 1849 Views

After spending months sowing and fertilizing seedlings, watering, and cultivating your plants, it’s fair for you to expect a bountiful garden full of greenery. But, as your harvest witnesses its first batch of fruits and vegetables, birds, rodents, and insects start coming in to destroy your produce right in front of your eyes.

Raised Gardening Tips for a Beautiful Garden

By Little Fields Farm 5 months ago 1863 Views

Gardening can be a pleasurable and therapeutic activity. It, however, comes with its own set of challenges. These can range from digging and aerating the soil for new seedlings to dealing with the reappearance of weeds. All these chores seem cumbersome instead of an escape from daily stresses.

The Research-Backed Benefits of Gardening

By Little Fields Farm 5 months ago 2467 Views

Numerous studies show that there is significant evidence to back the idea of the health benefits of gardening. Gardening has proven to have a wide variety of health advantages which range from fighting anxiety/depression to dealing with heart diseases and obesity. It also helps in alleviating the symptoms of dementia as well as being a source of joy and fulfilment.

5 Vine Plants That Are Easy To Grow

By Little Fields Farm 5 months ago 2746 Views

Gardening can seem daunting to those new to this hobby. However, there is a plethora of beautiful outdoor vine plants which require minimal effort and yet grow wonderfully in the UK weather.

Essential Gardening Tools Every Beginner Needs

By Little Fields Farm 7 months ago 2489 Views

If you have lately been bitten by the gardening bug or moved into a new house that has enough space to grow a garden of yours, there’s so much for you to learn.

Summer Ideas to Brighten Up Your Garden

By Little Fields Farm 8 months ago 3207 Views

The glorious days of sunny weather and outdoor activities are here. As the summer season approaches, there’s plenty to do in your garden. This time of the year calls for a shift from planting to maintaining. With a little bit of planning and organizing, you can make the best use of your garden and make it summer-ready.

3 Steps to Turn Your Backyard into an Attractive Nature’s Spot

By Little Fields Farm 9 months ago 3309 Views

Your backyard is a home for wild animals, critters, and of course, your beautiful blooms. It is a natural habitat that’s almost always the focus of your curb appeal and adds a sophisticated, tasteful touch to your house.

4 Sure-Fire Remedies to Prevent Slugs in Your Garden

By Little Fields Farm 10 months ago 2764 Views

Gardening is not a walk in the park. To grow healthy crops, a special set of skills and knowledge about the environment is important. However, sometimes, even when you’re giving your garden the best feed, water, and shelter, you still end up with wilted flowers, leaves with holes in them, and brown patches.

3 Ways to Protect Your Garden with Shading Nets

By Little Fields Farm 10 months ago 2649 Views

Gardening is an art and requires you to harness a special relation with nature. It is all about mastering the environment in which your tender young plants are growing and improving it to allow healthy blooms. While water, light, and shade are crucial necessities, they alone can’t produce plants in fine fettle.

How to Control Common Garden Pests

By Little Fields Farm 11 months ago 2683 Views

Summer may be a vibrant season, bursting with flowers, vegetables, and fruits, but it’s also a thriving time for pest growth. Pests, insects, and plant pathogens are every gardener’s nightmare. Along with using strong pesticides, there are other protective measures that you can take to ward off their growth.