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Poultry - Raising Chickens

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Poultry Trends: Why Does Your Flock Need Leg Rings?

By Little Fields Farm 14 days ago 94 Views

Most of the farmers in the chicken business are avid breeders that raise chicken families and mix breeds like nobody’s business. Now, it would have been fine if your feathered friends had names and distinct features like we do. But the thing is that they don’t. So it’s necessary to find a way to tell them apart.

5 Fancy Chicken Breeds

By Little Fields Farm 2 months ago 2160 Views

Chickens make a good pet. It’s easy to care for them and fun to have them around. Plus, you get free eggs! If you are a hobbyist who enjoys rearing chickens in the backyard and loves to show them off, you are in for a ride!

Poultry Breeders: What Supplies You Need for Keeping Chickens?

By Little Fields Farm 3 months ago 12578 Views

Chickens generally make a good pet. They are easy to keep and it doesn’t cost a fortune to keep them happy and healthy.

This being said, there are some must-have supplies that every poultry breeder should have to make sure their chickens stay healthy and active.

3 Reasons Why You Should Buy Chicken Feeders

By Little Fields Farm 4 months ago 2536 Views

Have you got a flock of hungry chickens? Is feeding time always messy? Do they spill feed and peck over your measly feeding buckets?

Then you should probably invest in a chicken feeder. Now, we know chickens could care less how you feed them. They are not very particular on proper table manners. Are they?

Poultry Breeders 101: How to Keep My Baby Chicks Warm?

By Little Fields Farm 5 months ago 1150 Views

Did your baby chicks just hatch? Do you have any idea what to do next?

There is no doubt that baby animals are the cutest creatures in the world. They are also the most vulnerable. Therefore, it is essential to take good care of the new arrivals.

Why Should I Buy a Poultry Drinker?

By Little Fields Farm 5 months ago 1402 Views

Whether you breed chickens or ducks, every feathery friend likes to get their beaks wet. However, more often than not, you find them fighting over the bucket. Don’t you?

This is why we suggest that you should consider buying poultry drinker. They are said to be an effective way to minimize all the hen fights in the barn. Additionally, they have quite a few health benefits too.

How to Take Care of Egg Laying Hens

By Little Fields Farm 1 years ago 1550 Views

Poultry farms raise chickens for meat and eggs. Chickens are generally classified into two types: broiler and layer. Broiler chickens are raised solely for meat, whereas layer hens are bred to provide eggs.

A Guide to Feeding Chickens

By Little Fields Farm 1 years ago 1733 Views

Got some chickens out there in your backyard? What do you feed them on? Feeding chickens is one of the most essential tasks of being a poultry owner. Obviously, you have kept those chickens either for eggs or meat, and in both cases, good nutrition is important.

Figuring Out the Amount of Space that Your Chickens Need

By Little Fields Farm 1 years ago 1520 Views

Planning to keep some chickens for eggs or for the meat? Whatever the reason may be, you would be concerned about how much space to allot, and how big should the chicken coup be. The amount of space that your chickens require depends on some key points.

Using The Right Tools For The Right Results

By Little Fields Farm 2 years ago 1649 Views

The basic tools are the feeders, the feed scoop, the waterers, and the like. Even in these you have a lot of choice. You can buy plastic waterers and plastic feeders, or you can go with galvanised metal feeders.