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Easy Ways to Get Rid of Slugs in Your Garden

By Little Fields Farm 1 month ago 1602 Views

Slugs can be an absolute nuisance and can totally damage the plants and flowers in your garden. They not only ruin the look of your garden but also cause extreme destruction to seedlings, plant seeds, fruits, leaves and underground tubers.

This doesn’t only result in the death of plants but can also lead to major production losses.

The Bitter Truth: Are Orange Trees Hard to Maintain?

By Little Fields Farm 1 month ago 1206 Views

Are you turning green with envy looking at your friend’s beautiful orchard? Do you wish to taste the fresh zesty splendour of your home-grown oranges?Most gardeners steer clear of planting fruits in their garden. It’s because they are considered as ‘too much of a hassle’. When they do plant fruits it’s usually the summer varieties like apples and berries.

The Most Effective Pest Control Techniques for Your Garden

By Little Fields Farm 1 month ago 1288 Views

If you have a garden of your own, probably more than half of your time is spent struggling with the stubborn troublemakers called pests and figuring ways out to fight them and protect your precious plants from them.

How to Choose the Best Fertilisers for Your Garden

By Little Fields Farm 1 month ago 1545 Views

If you own a garden or a lawn, you probably are aware of the fact that plants and other greens don’t grow on their own and you won’t get healthy and thick foliage just like that. Just like humans require their fair share of food and nutrition to grow and become healthy, plants also need properly-timed and balanced nutrition to fuel their growth. And they get this with the help of fertilisers.

Why Garden Netting Is the Best Way to Control Butterflies and Insects

By Little Fields Farm 2 months ago 928 Views

Gardeners who cultivate fruits, vegetables, flowers and other various crops that birds love to feed on have to always be on a lookout for possible attacks by birds, insects and butterflies.

Why Your Garden Needs the Best and the Right Kind of Fertilizers

By Little Fields Farm 2 months ago 1211 Views

If you are a gardener or simply just love looking after your garden, you obviously want the best fertilisers for your plants so that they can grow to their full potential, while staying completely healthy and in good shape.

Fall Gardens: How to Harvest Your Pumpkins?

By Little Fields Farm 4 months ago 3298 Views

October is here!

That means it time to harvest those big, bold pumpkins you have been growing in your backyard.

It doesn’t matter if you want to carve them, store them, show them off for a contest or serve them up at the table. We bet you are itching to get your hands on these amazing fruits.

Garden Pests 101: How Can I Get Rid of Cabbage White Butterflies and Caterpillars?

By Little Fields Farm 6 months ago 1288 Views

Have you noticed a crowd of white butterflies fluttering around your garden? Has their arrival led to holey cabbages and tattered leaves?

These, my fellow garden pals, are tell-tale signs of a cabbage caterpillar invasion. You see the white butterflies that casually hover around your cabbage fields; they are prone to lay some eggs that in turn hatch into a swarm of cabbage eating larvae called brassica massacre.

4 Top Reasons to Buy This Sunbubble Plant House

By Little Fields Farm 6 months ago 1305 Views

Are you looking for a small greenhouse? Do you want to grow a beautiful herb garden? Would you like to create an earthy outdoor meal area? Or maybe an outdoor relaxation area is on your list of to-dos?

Whether it is this or that, we have the ultimate, instant cosy plant house all ready for you to use.

Gardening Guides: What Are Root Trainers? Why Should You Use Them?

By Little Fields Farm 6 months ago 51 Views

Have you heard about root trainers?

The world of gardening is obsessed with these fantastic gardening tools that make your new seeds grow healthier, faster, and better than ordinary potted plants.

Gardening gurus say that this is a must-have for both professionals and home growers alike.