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Fruit Cage Netting and Its Uses

The purpose of fruit cage netting is to protect fruits and vegetables in your garden from the attack of birds, insects, rodents, and other animals.

7 Benefits of Installing Bird Netting in Your Garden

Gardeners growing fruits, vegetables, and other edible crops should always be prepared for a possible bird attack on their garden. During springtime, birds are looking for suitable nesting options, and if you let them, they might pick your grand.

3 Ways to Use Anti-Bird Netting to Protect Your Garden

Springtime brings with it the melodious chirping of birds that you missed all winter, but the birds also brings big problems for your garden. Small birds like the sparrow can nest in your trees and eat away at your fruits and vegetables if you don’t take preventative measures to protect your harvest. Not only this, they will plaster your garden with their droppings, which is not only unpleasant but harmful as well.

How to Use Garden Netting to Protect Your Plants

After spending months sowing and fertilizing seedlings, watering, and cultivating your plants, it’s fair for you to expect a bountiful garden full of greenery. But, as your harvest witnesses its first batch of fruits and vegetables, birds, rodents, and insects start coming in to destroy your produce right in front of your eyes.