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Welcome to Little Fields Farm!

Our online country store stock 1000s of products for Gardening, Equine, Pet, Poultry, Farming and around the home.

As a family business we have been supplying great value products for many years, using our knowledge to select products that we would use or to solve problems around our farm, garden and for our animals.

If you would like some help finding the right product please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01455 393 000 we will be more than happy to help.

Your Gardening Starts here - shop our full range
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Little Fields Farm provides an extensive range of Gardening Products, to help you grow and protect your flowers, fruit and vegetables. From all well known brands Miracle Gro, Chempak, Vitax and many more.

Allowing you to purchase everything you need for propagation, growing on and longer term development of your fruit and vegetables, with a great range of Seeds trays, propagators, and plant supports and watering and irrigation, Garden hoses, Watering Cans, Water Butts and Sprinkler Systems.

For a more Organic and Crop protection conscious gardener we have a great range of Garden Netting, Insect Netting, Frost Protection cut to your required size. Fruit Cages, tunnels and cloches, allowing you to garden naturally pesticide free.

Along with growing and crop protection, we have lawn dressing, lawn seeds and scarifying tools to keep your garden lawn looking great throughout the year.

Treat yourself to some of the latest Gardening Tools to make gardening a pleasure from Wolf Garten, Wilkinson, Fiskars. The range of garden tools we stock include, Hand Tools & Cultivation, Pruning Shears & Cutters, Pruning Saws, Gardening Forks, Shovels & Spades and Rakes, Brooms & Brushes. Why not get your Children involved with our Childrens Gardening Tools.

Wide selection of Equine products for horse and rider
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Horse & Rider

Little Fields Farm provides all the products you need for your horse or pony to keep them looking great with horse shampoo, horse supplements and horse clippers. From brands Liveryman, Wahl, NAF , Lincoln and many more.

Once you have taken care of your horse, it's time to ensure the stables are looking great, clean and tidy, using our lovely range of buckets and skips, chip forks, hay rollers and stable tidys.

Now the well being or your horse or pony is looked after, we supply all the products whether for leisure use or competition. We have a vast range of numnahs, saddle pads, protection boots, body protectors and riding hats from brands like Shires, Champion, HY, Weatherbeeta and many more.

Be seen and safe with our HyVis reflective safety products for both horse and rider, including Waterproof Jackets, waistcoats, Tabards and Leg Wraps, Exercise Sheets, Tail Bandages and Saddle Pads.

After a great day out with your horse, we have a range of horse rugs, fly sheets, turnout rugs, and stable rugs for the warmth and protection of your horse throughout the year.

After your horse returns to the field or stable, keep them entertained with a range of Horse treats, Horse Toys and licks. Ensuring the welfare of your horse is a top priority.

Wide selection of Farming equipment
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From our farming background we supply a large range of products for Cattle and Sheep to help with looking after small and large herds or flocks.

Our Cattle products range from Calving, Dehorning, Feeding, Hoofcarte, Milking, Breeding and Healthcare. The products we have settled are of the highest quality and ensure they can be used in a small and large scale operation.

Within our Sheep range of products we cater for Lambing, Lamb Feeding, Shearing, Hoofcare and handling and showing. From the very start of Lambing season right though to showing your animals we have products that provide help and assistance.

We also provide a large range of Drenchers and Vaccinators & Syringes from well trusted brands Elanco, Zoetis, Prima Tech and HSW.

Protecting yourself when working with your animals we have tried to provide essential products, Wellington Boots, Parlour & Veterinary Wear, Outdoor Wear, Mask & Filters and Eye & Ear Safety.

Wide selection of Pet products - shop our full range
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We provide a great selection of products to help look after your Dog, Cat, Rabbit, Fish, and Wild Birds all under one roof.

For our Dog Lovers we have Dog Leads & Collars, Feeding Bowls, Dog Cleaning & Grooming product, Dog Health & Care, Food & Treats, Dog Toys, Dog Coats and Flea Treatment. The brands we stock are of the highest quality from Henry Wag, Rambo, Diby & Fox, Ralph & Co, Weatherbeeta and Joules.

Looking after you loved Cat we stock Cat Supplements, Cat Toys, Cat Flea treatment, Cat Food & Treats, Cat Coats ensuring they are safe and warm throughout the year.

As a nation who love to spend time in the garden we provide a large selection of Wild Bird Feeders and Bird Feed from brand Honeyfields, Rspb, Ambassador and Suet to Go.

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