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Equestrian Essentials: What Is Inside a Basic Horse Grooming Kit?

Equestrian Essentials: What Is Inside a Basic Horse Grooming Kit?
By Little Fields Farm 9 months ago 1724 Views

Do you ever wonder what it takes to clean a horse?

The job definitely doesn’t get done on its own. You need time, equipment, and a whole lot of strength to thoroughly clean this magnificent beast.

Novice horse riders are usually under the impression that a splash of water and brush can do the trick. Whereas in reality there is a lot more to grooming than brushing.

Thus, if you want to be good to your horse, then you must pull out some cash to invest in high-quality horse grooming products.

Here is a list of basic equipment to kick-start your four-legged friend’s grooming:

1. Brushes

There are three types of horse brushes that you need to get acquainted with:

  • Mane Brush: This is the main brush to be used on the horse’s mane and forelock. It untangles the knots and hair on the horse’s back.
  • Dandy Brush: The rough bristle brush works best for outdoor horses. They are able to get rid of the stubborn grime off the manes of your dirty horses.
  • Flick Brush: Softer than the dandy brush, the flick brush can be used on all horses. They wipe off the loose dirt and dust off your horse’s coat.
  • Body Brush: This cute little brush is exclusively used on indoor horses. It is used to remove the excess natural body oils present on the horse’s surface. Giving the animals a glossy coat.

2. Combs:

Three types of horse combs you must have are:

  • Mane Comb: This is used to tidy the tail and disentangle the knots. The shorter comb helps you to decrease the size of the mane hair and forelock.
  • Curry Comb (Plastic): It is helpful in breaking down the dried muck that has settled on your horse’s mane.
  • Curry Comb (Rubber): Slightly softer than the other combs, it helps to bring the accumulated dirt on the surface of the mane. So that it’s easy to remove.

3. Other Essentials:

Apart from the brushes and combs, you need to buy some:

  • Sponges and conditioners
  • Clippers and trimmers
  • Hoof Pickers

Thoughtful Tips:

Here are a few things to keep in mind while grooming:

  • Horses have delicate tails that are prone to breaking off if brushed regularly. Thus, it is better to use your fingers to comb the tails.
  • Use curry combs in circular motions to get better results.
  • Always use two sponges on your horse ( one for the nether regions and the other for the mane and muzzle)

In conclusion, we advise you to invest in a grooming kit that is high on quality and durability.

Need a Suggestion?

Little Fields Farm has a special section for all your grooming needs. Plus, if you think that buying individual items will blow your budget. Then try investing in a pre-prepared grooming kit that is packed with all the essentials.

Already have everything you need? Then buy a sturdy grooming bag to store everything in. This portable, waterproof bag is designed to make your travelling days hassle-free.