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Must-Have Horse Items

Must-Have Horse Items
By Little Fields Farm 7 months ago 2197 Views

Let’s not put the saying ‘healthy as a horse’ to shame.

Horses are gentle yet tough creatures but rely on their owners for everything. If you own a horse, then it’s essential to make sure that they are looked after properly, fed sufficiently on time as well as given the complete attention that they deserve.

Be it the equine essentials or the products for pampering your four-legged friends, here are the top products that every horse owner ought to have.

Brushes and Combs

It goes without saying that a good quality brush is the first and foremost item to buy. Grooming a stabled horse is necessary to remove the dust, dirt, and mud from their coat. Also, it stimulates circulation, keeps the coat free from parasites and prevents the onset of any skin disease.

Did you know that brushing your horse’s coat also helps build a loving relationship with them?

Depending on the type of horses, their coat and their primary use, there are different types of brushes and combs available to choose from. For instance, some brushes help untangle the knots, some are for tidying the tail while others are for removing the mud.

Check out the various types of horse brushes and combs here.


Bathing a horse with a water pipe alone is not enough. You need a soft and fluffy sponge if you really wash all the dirt away and maintain that glossy coat that is the emblem of a healthy horse.

Trimmers and clippers

Although it is pure joy to marvel at their thick and heavy coat, you will have to trim it periodically nonetheless. Not only is it difficult to groom, but too thick of a coat means that your horse will take longer to cool down after any activity.


Grooming your horse daily with the proper tools will lessen the need for frequent baths. But you will still need to shampoo your horse once in a while.

Make sure to use a mild wash as harsh chemicals might give an instant shine but will be harmful to your horse in the long run.

Hoof health

Of course, the importance of maintaining hoofs cannot be overlooked. From hoof pick and hoof brush to hoof oil and moisturiser, you need a complete pedicure set to ensure that the hooves do not ache or get infected.

Food supplements

While external care is a must, it is a fact that true beauty comes from within.

Given their strenuous activities, horses need supplements to stay in good shape.

Besides the regular food and diet, it is a must to provide your horse additional minerals and vitamins in order to build stamina and keep them energetic.

Horse treats

Don’t you just love being given something a little extra? Well, your dashing friends love it too.

Be it different flavoured treats, muffins, salt licks or any other snacks, feed your horse something unique every now and then and they will surely be grateful to you.

Need some help?

If you are unsure about where to get the best horse care items or are wondering which ones are worth the investment, then gallop over to Little Fields Farm. You will have an array of products to choose from as well as several horse care kits that are an all-in-one solution to your equine maintenance regime.