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Little Fields Blog

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Gardening 101: How to Water Your Plants?

By Little Fields Farm Yesterday 5 Views

Watering may look easy: a little sprinkle of water each day and you are off.

However, unknown to you, when you have your back to the beds, the water is either seeping in and creating chaos or drying up in the heat.

Horse Basics: What Should Horses Wear While Travelling?

By Little Fields Farm 3 days ago 129 Views

From an equestrian’s point of view, horses are delicate cargo. The problem is that these beings move, fidget and are prone to flee when frightened. This is why it is suggested that horses should wear travel gear for protection.

Everything You Need to Help the Flies Buzz Off from Your Horse's Life

By Little Fields Farm 4 days ago 36 Views

Are the flies bugging your horse out?

Most horses get frenzied when they encounter a lone fly. The irritating insect tries everything it can to drive your horse over the edge.

All the Things You Need To Know For Your Next BBQ Party

By Little Fields Farm 5 days ago 147 Views

Summers are incomplete without barbeques. Why wouldn’t they be? You have the perfect excuse to meet up with family and friends. There are juicy, smoky steaks to bite into, charred corns to munch on and refreshing bittersweet lemonade to sip on!

Mane and Tail: Your Guide for Horse Care

By Little Fields Farm 8 days ago 610 Views

Do you agree that the beauty of a horse lies in their glorious mane?

Whether they are black beauties, whimsical white or earthy brown ones, all horses are proud of their silky smooth manes that shine under the sun.

Fish Food: The Key to Keep Your Fish Happy

By Little Fields Farm 9 days ago 655 Views

Do you sprinkle the fish food and run? Or do you carefully watch your fish swim up to the food and gobble it up in a matter of seconds?

Why Use Vitax Organic Rooting Powder & How it Works?

By Little Fields Farm 12 days ago 872 Views

You cannot undermine the importance of plant roots only because you can’t see them.

Your plant cannot grow and stay healthy if its roots are not nourished adequately. Roots are the most essential part of the plant and play a critical role in the plant development. Serving as a major supplier of water and minerals, you have to take sufficient care of the root system.

Why Use Miracle-Gro – Orchid Mist?

By Little Fields Farm 18 days ago 735 Views

What is not to love about the vibrant-looking orchids? Thriving on our planet for over a million years, orchids are one of the oldest flowering plants that are, to date, used to beautify gardens.

Why Use Fito Natural Tomato and Chilli Dripfeeder?

By Little Fields Farm 22 days ago 914 Views

Tomatoes and chillies are vigorous and swiftly growing feeding plants. They need frequent fertilisation during the season to ensure healthy growth. Nitrogen, phosphate, calcium, magnesium and other micro-nutrients are essential for the strong growth of plants.

EverGreen Extreme Green Spreader

By Little Fields Farm 26 days ago 1008 Views

What's a better way to increase the value and look of your home than having a beautiful lawn? Green, lush and healthy lawn can offer a good retreat from the routine hassle for you and your family.