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Little Fields Blog

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All You Need to Know About Indoor Gardening

By Little Fields Farm 8 days ago 80 Views

Whether you have a sole plant in your lounge, a tiny garden in your gallery, or an elaborate indoor garden, houseplants always increase the overall aesthetic beauty of your house.

Furthermore, these plants help clean the air in your house. In fact, research reveals that keeping plants inside your home has a number of health benefits.

Flock Care – Dealing With Mites and Lice

By Little Fields Farm 8 days ago 70 Views

Have your chickens been extra itchy lately? Are their feathers a little too ruffed? If this sounds like your flock, you may have an infestation at your hands!

Mites and lice are pesky little parasites that can pose serious threats to your flock. A serious infestation can be deadly!

So, what exactly causes poultry infestation? Here’s a list of things that can bring mites and lice into your chicken coop.

4 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Horse

By Little Fields Farm 8 days ago 878 Views

Horses are lovely creatures. They are gentle, affectionate and known to develop long-lasting, loyal friendships with humans. How well you know your horse plays an important role in determining the kind of relationship you will have with it.

Just like human friendships require time and attention, you also need to spend time with your horse to create a strong and special bond with them.

Tips for Moving and Relocating Plants

By Little Fields Farm 8 days ago 312 Views

Relocating plants is a tricky business. Whether you are shifting your house or simply want to move a plant because it outgrew its pot, relocating requires time and attention. When done improperly, it can easily make your plants wither and die.

This makes it essentially important to know what exactly you are doing when you move your plants. Scroll down to read some amazing tips that can help you relocate your plants without ever having to worry about damaging them!

Know Your Poultry – 3 Breeds of Chickens That Lay the Most Eggs

By Little Fields Farm 8 days ago 1938 Views

The biggest perk of rearing chickens in your backyard is being able to enjoy the steady supply of fresh and healthy eggs all around the year.

If you are planning on getting yourself a flock in order to enjoy fresh eggs every day, you will be interested to know that not all breeds lay the same amount of eggs.

7 Amazing Gardening Tips

By Little Fields Farm 15 days ago 2645 Views

So, you are ready to plant a garden but don’t know where to start? No fret! We have compiled a list of expert gardening tips that’ll help redefine the gardening experience for you. Follow these amazing tips to get a beautiful, flourishing garden in just a few weeks.

6 Amazing Tips for Keeping Chickens in Winter

By Little Fields Farm 15 days ago 2338 Views

Winter can be a scary time for chicken keepers. The frosty weather and chilly winds can easily get to your chickens and make them sick.

Just like we prepare ourselves for embracing the cold winters, extra measures should be taken to keep your chickens safe and healthy in the freezing cold.

Poultry Breeders: What Supplies You Need for Keeping Chickens?

By Little Fields Farm 15 days ago 10858 Views

Chickens generally make a good pet. They are easy to keep and it doesn’t cost a fortune to keep them happy and healthy.

This being said, there are some must-have supplies that every poultry breeder should have to make sure their chickens stay healthy and active.

Poultry Problems: What Are Red Mites? How Do You Stop Them?

By Little Fields Farm 29 days ago 4662 Views

Is your chicken coop crawling with red mites?

Are you sure?

Red mites create havoc in the feathered flock’s life. Due to this, they are the most feared parasites in a poultry farming community.

5 Must-Have Gardening Tools

By Little Fields Farm 29 days ago 3591 Views

Gardening is not just a hobby to pass time but it is also beneficial for your health. Just like jogging and swimming, gardening can reduce the risk of stroke and heart diseases. It burns calories and makes you feel light and refreshed. Being surrounded by flowers and fresh produce helps you relax and contribute to making you generally happier and satisfied with your life.