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4 Crucial Tips to Help You Raise Your Own Beautiful Garden

By Little Fields Farm 14 days ago 98 Views

When you decide to raise your own garden, you automatically assume the position of a responsible, keen gardener. You can’t take care of your lawn with an indifferent attitude and by simply doing what works.

Easy Ways to Get Rid of Slugs in Your Garden

By Little Fields Farm 14 days ago 47 Views

Slugs can be an absolute nuisance and can totally damage the plants and flowers in your garden. They not only ruin the look of your garden but also cause extreme destruction to seedlings, plant seeds, fruits, leaves and underground tubers.

This doesn’t only result in the death of plants but can also lead to major production losses.

How to Choose the Best Fertilisers for Your Garden

By Little Fields Farm 14 days ago 714 Views

If you own a garden or a lawn, you probably are aware of the fact that plants and other greens don’t grow on their own and you won’t get healthy and thick foliage just like that. Just like humans require their fair share of food and nutrition to grow and become healthy, plants also need properly-timed and balanced nutrition to fuel their growth. And they get this with the help of fertilisers.

Why Are Fleece Jackets Great for Plant Frost Protection?

By Little Fields Farm 4 months ago 3177 Views

Fleece jackets or horticulture fleece are a great way to insulate your plants. They are made from a nice thin breathable fiber called polypropylene. It ensures that your plants will not get nipped or frosted by the chilly winds that may be blowing outside the jackets.

What Is Mulching? How Does Your Garden Benefit from It?

By Little Fields Farm 5 months ago 1198 Views

Is your garden sprawling with weeds? Have slimy slugs been slithering all over your beloved cabbage patch? Are you worried about the heat evaporating the soil’s moisture?

If yes, then you might be looking for a gardening prevention that keeps these hindrances off your lawn. The market is brimming with gardening supplies that can do all this and more. However, the toxic sprays, chemical laden fertilizers, and harmful tactics do no entice you.

Do You Need Help Getting Rid of the Slimy Slugs in Your Garden?

By Little Fields Farm 6 months ago 1359 Views

Did you know that the UK is home to approximately 44 species of slugs? Did you also know that the slugs have been infesting British gardens since ice age?

If these facts sound interesting to you, then you most definitely aren’t a gardener. Since gardeners and slugs have had a longstanding war for centuries. What started this animosity?

Gardening 101: How to Water Your Plants?

By Little Fields Farm 6 months ago 1930 Views

Watering may look easy: a little sprinkle of water each day and you are off.

However, unknown to you, when you have your back to the beds, the water is either seeping in and creating chaos or drying up in the heat.

Why Use Vitax Organic Rooting Powder & How it Works?

By Little Fields Farm 7 months ago 1361 Views

You cannot undermine the importance of plant roots only because you can’t see them.

Your plant cannot grow and stay healthy if its roots are not nourished adequately. Roots are the most essential part of the plant and play a critical role in the plant development. Serving as a major supplier of water and minerals, you have to take sufficient care of the root system.

Why Use Miracle-Gro – Orchid Mist?

By Little Fields Farm 7 months ago 1173 Views

What is not to love about the vibrant-looking orchids? Thriving on our planet for over a million years, orchids are one of the oldest flowering plants that are, to date, used to beautify gardens.