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5 Tips to Groom Your Horse the Right Way

5 Tips to Groom Your Horse the Right Way
By Little Fields Farm 1 years ago 2107 Views

Grooming your horse is extremely important for improvement of their appearance and health. It also gives you the opportunity to bond well with your horse. Regular grooming enhances blood circulation in its body. It increases the release of natural oils into the coat, allowing it to protect the horse against harsh weather in a more effective way. While grooming, you can also check its skin for any injuries.

You may have noticed horses scratching each other with their teeth. Stable horses also like to roll in the sand. These are some natural ways of self-cleaning and self-grooming. You can keep your horse fresh and healthy with daily grooming.

Get Quality Products

In order to take good care of your horse, opt for top quality equine grooming products. Here are some tools and equipment you’ll need to groom your horse:

  • Dandy brush
  • Rubber curry
  • Hoof pick
  • Body brush
  • Towel
  • Mane comb

Secure Your Horse

Your horse may feel the urge to move around while grooming. It is recommended to secure them with a rope for their own safety. Tie them to a pole with a quick-release knot. Horses are likely to pull the rope forcefully in an attempt to escape which may cause critical injuries. The loose knot allows them to get free without inflicting any damage.

Gently Use Hard Brushes

Use a curry comb to massage your horse. Always use it in circular motions to loosen up dirt and debris from the coat. Be careful when moving it over bones, face and spine. It is a hard brush that loosens dirt and gets rid of broken hair. A little carelessness can easily cause injuries.

A Dandy brush is another hard brush that removes dirt. Use it in straight and flick motions to get rid of dirt and debris. Start from its neck and then move towards the tail. Be careful while using it, since it can cause discomfort and irritation.

Use Sponge to Clean Its Face

Avoid using a brush or comb to clean horse’s face. It is a sensitive area and you need to be extra careful while cleaning it. Choose a soft cloth or sponge to clean its nose and eyes. Also, never use the same brush or cloth for grooming multiple horses. This practice may spread infections and fungus via grooming tools. You should also spray your horse with fly spray during hot weather.

Be Careful While Brushing the Tail

Be careful while combing the tail. Do not tug at tangled hair forcefully, or you may end up breaking them. Use your fingers to release hair caught in large tangles.

Safety Precautions

  • Do not stand directly behind your horse. If they try to move around or kick, you may get injured. Instead, stand at a side to reduce the risk.
  • Stay calm around your horse.
  • Your horse may step over your foot if you aren’t careful. Wear sturdy boots that protect your toes.
  • Stay alert and move away from the horse if it starts kicking.