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5 Vine Plants That Are Easy To Grow

5 Vine Plants That Are Easy To Grow
By Little Fields Farm 1 years ago 3079 Views

Gardening can seem daunting to those new to this hobby. However, there is a plethora of beautiful outdoor vine plants which require minimal effort and yet grow wonderfully in the UK weather.

If you seek quick results but are vary of complex maintenance routines then climbers for gardens can be best suited to your need.

Here are some fantastic ideas for climbing plants which you can add to your garden this year.

Black Eyed Susan

Add a burst of color to your garden with this flowering variety of climbing plants, with flowers that are bright with a sunny yellow hue. These vines come is annual and perennial varieties and can shoot up to 3 feet tall. These do well in containers but be sure to grow them in moist and well drained fertile soil to make the most out of your seeds.

White Potato Vine

A Flowering plant also known as Solanum Jasminoides, it is one of the most unfussy climbers for gardens and can grow in literally any type of soil. These evergreen plants are generally shrubs but can be trained to climb fences and walls. Ensure to put them in a shady region in moist soil though to get a well spread foliage in your gardens.

Russian Vine

A deciduous plant also known as Fallopia Baldschuanica, it is a climber plant with clusters of white flowers that look right out of a Monet painting. It grows fairly fast and up to 40 feet. It however does require seasonal pruning to control the spread of the vines.

An ideal plant variety to block view of unattractive walls, plant these in a fertile and moist soil. This will yield a healthy growth.


If there is one vine you need to have in your garden for its aesthetic and relaxing quality, it is the Honeysuckle. These vines bloom some of the most fragrant flowers in the vine family. From dazzling yellows to scarlet reds, the flowers are heavenly on the senses, making it a worthwhile addition to any garden. These can grow up to 20 feet if grown in a fertile, moist and well drained soil in a sunny location.


Jasmine plants add an otherworldly vibe to any garden with its delightful fragrance. Available in various varieties, the winter varieties though grow well in the UK weather. Be sure to grow them in well drained soil which retains moisture to keep the plant healthy and living for longer.

Climbing plants require additional support to spread and reach peak height. It is helpful to use biodegradable jute netting and garden twine for effective results. These provide sufficient support and ideal training to climbers for gardens.

In fact the use of anti bird netting will also keep pesky rodents and ravenous birds away from your beautiful plants. Remember to visit Little Fields Farm and find the perfect tools to keep your outdoor vine plants thriving.