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6 Areas That Need Anti-Bird Netting Besides Your Garden

6 Areas That Need Anti-Bird Netting Besides Your Garden
By Little Fields Farm 8 months ago 2301 Views

Bird control is a serious issue that is not only needed in your gardens but in many other places as well. Birds can damage your property, including the HVAC, furnaces, and electrical systems, and so on.

If you ignore the bird droppings or nesting for too long, it can lead to costly consequences like a comprehensive cleanup or even replacement of equipment in a few cases.

Adding a bird control deterrent like anti-bird netting can save your time and money, so it’s essential to be mindful of the areas where bird nesting can be found. Here a list of places that should be inspected for bird damage.

1. Rooftops

Birds mostly choose high perches, building ledges, and parapet walls for nesting. This leads to a buildup of droppings that have a negative impact on the aesthetics of the building. In addition to this, if the droppings remain unattended, they can stain and corrode the structure inflicting long-term damage in the process.

2. Stairways and Walkways

Have you ever come across spots of bird dropping while walking? It is a common sight, mostly on stairs and walkways.

Birds sitting under the rooflines or canopies are responsible for this unpleasant sight. This is not only hazardous for health but can cause people to slip or trip when walking over them. Many people spend hours cleaning these areas, whereas getting anti-bird netting can fix this problem permanently.

3. Electrical Systems

Birds like to nest in warm and cozy areas, and the warmth created by lights is the perfect location for birds to roost. The nesting material and dropping buildup will stain the equipment and cause damage to your electrical systems. And in worst-case scenarios, it can even lead to a fire emergency. It is essential to inspect all the lighting systems carefully to remove risk of a possible hazard.

4. Drainage Systems

Bird droppings can clog the drainage system and cause leaks. The pooling water from the leakages presents problems of its own.

Make sure to regularly inspect your drainage system to check for any build-up of droppings and install a bird deterrent like anti bird net in the vicinity.

5. Window Sills

You must have noticed pigeons perching on the sills of your windows. Not only do they leave their droppings but are extremely noisy and disturbing for the people inside. Installing anti-bird netting can be an effective measure to keep the pigeons away.

6. Waste Bins

Some birds like crows are always looking for places where they can find food. And the waste bins outside your premises provide them with the ideal opportunity.

An effective preventative measure to protect your house and other areas from birds is to get Heavy Duty Anti Predator Netting. It’s a sturdy and durable mesh to deter birds from ruining your property.

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