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Raised Gardening Tips for a Beautiful Garden

Raised Gardening Tips for a Beautiful Garden
By Little Fields Farm 1 years ago 2209 Views

Gardening can be a pleasurable and therapeutic activity. It, however, comes with its own set of challenges. These can range from digging and aerating the soil for new seedlings to dealing with the reappearance of weeds. All these chores seem cumbersome instead of an escape from daily stresses.

Raised bed gardening in comparison can seem like a worthy alternative to a traditional gardening setup. It is free from the troubles gardeners experience with conventional gardening, which also allows sufficient space to practice your green thumb to your heart’s content.

They are ideal for growing vines, herbs, vegetables, and also help with weed control. As a novice new to raised bed gardening, here are a few tips that can help you in achieving the best results:

Use Cardboard for Weed Control

Weeds are pest like shrubs that can spread like a sickness in your beautiful gardens. These can slowly deteriorate nutrition for the plants and coil around the roots, impeding a healthy growth.

Placing cardboard bases in your raised beds will inhibit the growth of weeds in your raised bed garden, ultimately ridding your garden of the pest like situation. Hence, use raised beds for weed control.

Plant Tubers and Bulbs

Most root vegetables grow well when there is an excess of soil piled at the base where the plant springs out from. Raised beds have a decent size and depth and are able to drain water quickly. These qualities allow gardeners to add more soil and compost to the base with ease, which yields better produce.

Additionally, these allow plant varieties such as potatoes and onions sufficient space to spread within the loam. If you are just starting out with raised bed gardening, grow tuber crops such as potatoes for fantastic results.

Stick to Comfortable Dimensions

When using a raised bed to plant your favourite plants, ample arm movement is required to trim, prune, deadhead and spruce up the plant and soil. Having a base of a suitable size that gives ease of accessibility to all corners of the raised bed is essential for a comfortable gardening session.

Hence it is recommended to stick to a 4x4 or 4x8 size of raised beds with a minimum depth ranging from 20 centimetres to 30 centimetres. These dimensions are appropriate for an average sized person to comfortably move their arms around the base, allowing easy reach to your plants.

Not only do these dimensions prevent you from compacting the soil by stepping on it, but they also let you add additional layers of mulch and soil to the beds. As a precaution, keep the distance between each raised bed enough to comfortably kneel between each pathway.

Opt for Fine Quality Tools

If you are considering setting up a raised bed garden in your patios, lawn or rooftops, then opt for the finest quality accessories. Although it is tempting to build your own raised bed from scratch, choosing a ready to assemble variety is a simpler and quicker alternative.

They are specially created to handle multiple varieties of plant species and are built to complement every type of garden décor. Additionally, you get optimal results from your seedlings and provide them with a suitable environment to grow best to their abilities.

At Little Fields Farm, we retail premium quality accessories, handpicked to satisfy all your raised bed gardening needs. From base protection poly covers, canopy support, frames, extension kits to mini grow beds; our stock is a comprehensive collection of wide-ranging gear to kick start your hobby.

All our raised bed gardening tools are made for quick assembly and easy maintenance, ideal for even the smallest of spaces. Visit only Little Fields Farm for satisfying quality that gives you the best results for a beautiful garden.