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Essential Gardening Tools Every Beginner Needs

Essential Gardening Tools Every Beginner Needs
By Little Fields Farm 1 years ago 2774 Views

If you have lately been bitten by the gardening bug or moved into a new house that has enough space to grow a garden of yours, there’s so much for you to learn.

From deciding on which plants to grow to soil, water and light requirements, gardening sure can be a daunting task for beginners. But at the end of the day, sitting and unwinding in your garden with fresh air and birds chirping in the background makes it all worth it!

Even though gardening is a lot of work, there is something soothing and revitalizing about putting your hands in the dirt and working tirelessly in the sun.

As a beginner, you will need to invest in a few tools to kick start your gardening journey. Here is a list of some must have gardening tools that will make your tasks easier.

Hand Trowel

A hand trowel or planter helps you in planting seedlings, de-weeding and sorting out your pots. They are available in metal, wood and plastic. Wooden handles give a better grip compared to plastic ones. Always go for a good quality trowel as you will need it the most.

Gardening Gloves

Washable synthetic gloves are best for all purpose jobs. They not only protect your hands from thorns, rough edges and sharp tools but also provide a better grip.

Spade and Shovel

Digging is the heart of gardening and shovel and spades are essential tools for every type of garden. A shovel is a scoop while the spade is used for digging holes. When getting a spade or shovel, look for stainless steel or carbon steel as it won’t rust.

Watering Can

Watering cans are useful if you have a lot of small bushes and pots in your garden. Other than being used for watering the plants, they can also be used for applying weed killers and fertilizers to your garden. Go for a smaller can with a capacity of about a gallon so that it’s easier to lift.

Pruning Shears

They are great for harvesting and pruning branches and leaves. Pruning shears can be used for trimming shrubs and snipping thick stems. They also come in long handled versions to tend to hard to reach areas such as branches on trees.

Garden Rakes

Gardening rakes are useful for raking leaves, moss, debris and trash into a pile and also for soil manipulation. They come in varying lengths and widths according to where you intend to use them.

Watering Gear

Watering is a regular requirement to maintain your garden. In addition to watering cans, you need to invest in a good quality hose to if you have a mid-sized garden. For larger areas, sprinklers or drip irrigation systems may also be used.

Now that you know which tools you need to begin your gardening experience, visit the Little Fields Farm to choose from a wide range of high quality gardening tools and accessories.