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All You Need to Know About Indoor Gardening

By Little Fields Farm 6 months ago 3867 Views

Whether you have a sole plant in your lounge, a tiny garden in your gallery, or an elaborate indoor garden, houseplants always increase the overall aesthetic beauty of your house.

Furthermore, these plants help clean the air in your house. In fact, research reveals that keeping plants inside your home has a number of health benefits.

Tips for Moving and Relocating Plants

By Little Fields Farm 6 months ago 966 Views

Relocating plants is a tricky business. Whether you are shifting your house or simply want to move a plant because it outgrew its pot, relocating requires time and attention. When done improperly, it can easily make your plants wither and die.

This makes it essentially important to know what exactly you are doing when you move your plants. Scroll down to read some amazing tips that can help you relocate your plants without ever having to worry about damaging them!

7 Amazing Gardening Tips

By Little Fields Farm 7 months ago 2936 Views

So, you are ready to plant a garden but don’t know where to start? No fret! We have compiled a list of expert gardening tips that’ll help redefine the gardening experience for you. Follow these amazing tips to get a beautiful, flourishing garden in just a few weeks.

6 Dos and Don’ts of Gardening During Autumn

By Little Fields Farm 8 months ago 2713 Views

Is it October already? You wonder when you look at your garden being covered in the crispy hues of autumn leaves. Most gardeners equate the fall season as the harvesting season. This is without a doubt the main part of gardening in autumn. However, there are loads of other things you need to do to keep your plants thriving.

Gardening Made Easy: A Beginner’s Guide to The 10 Essentials Tools Needed to Start a Garden Today

By Little Fields Farm 2 years ago 1362 Views

Have you recently taken up the hobby for gardening or has it always been your passion? Whichever it is, most beginners to gardening feel overwhelmed when reading through the many items on online gardening checklists. To be honest, you don’t need to spend on half of them as they will rarely be used EVER.