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6 Dos and Don’ts of Gardening During Autumn

6 Dos and Don’ts of Gardening During Autumn
By Little Fields Farm 9 months ago 2736 Views

Is it October already? You wonder when you look at your garden being covered in the crispy hues of autumn leaves.

Most gardeners equate the fall season as the harvesting season. This is without a doubt the main part of gardening in autumn. However, there are loads of other things you need to do to keep your plants thriving.

Here is a checklist of basic gardening dos and don’ts that make autumn gardening fruitful:

The Dos: All the Things to Get Done Before the First Frost

1. Do Your Research

A good gardener will know everything about the plants they grow. That is why you need to start hitting the books and browsing the web for ‘a beginner’s guide on gardening’. Doing so will help you to realize that fall planting does exist. You have a variety of seasonal fruits and veggies that need to be sown in fall. (Hint: rhubarbs).

2. Do Cover Up

When the weather gets chilly, it is important to cover up the delicate plants that can’t stand the weather. You can do this by using fleece jackets. Moreover, it is better to start insulating the soil by putting mulch and compost down there. This should be done when the frost is starting set in. (Since the weather in the UK is unpredictable, it’s better to get the mulch ready during the fall season).

3. Do Clean the Clutter

Autumn can easily be labelled as the ‘season of clutter’ as the garden is piling up with debris, weeds, and fallen leaves. Therefore, it is crucial that you regularly clear the lawn before the snow sets in. Otherwise, you will be spending spring, cleaning the garden instead of sowing seeds.

The Don’ts: All the Things You Are Doing Wrong this Season

1. Don’t Fertilise

Plants are usually dormant during the autumn season. Adding fertilisers to the soil will force them to become active and hamper their normal development. This is something you definitely don’t want to do.

2. Don’t Be an Eager Beaver

Are you new to gardening? Then you must be tingling with anticipation to harvest your fresh crops. However, patience is the key to a good harvest. You need to make sure that the fruits are ripe and ready to be picked. Otherwise, you will end up with non-edible crops and wasted efforts.

3. Don’t Stop Trimming

Fall is a considerably ‘slower’ season than its predecessors. But you still need those clippers and shears at hand. This is because weeds are still sprawling around the garden and the pests are still actively chewing off your leaves. To avoid infestations, it is better to take care of the damaged goods before they start to spread their diseases.

In a nutshell, prevent your gardening growth from being hindered due to negligence. Stick to a proper schedule and stay on top of your game until the snow starts to fall.

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Happy Gardening!