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Horse Riding Lesson 101: Knowing the Difference between Jodhpurs and Breeches

By Little Fields Farm 2 months ago 1930 Views

It doesn’t matter if you are a newbie, a horse riding enthusiast, or simply carry a passing interest in equestrian anecdotes, there are some horse lessons that everyone needs to know. Everyone knows that the most important thing that matters when riding a horse is attire.

Equestrian Essentials: The Story of Jodhpurs

By Little Fields Farm 10 months ago 1528 Views

Have you ever wondered why jodhpurs have an exotic name? When were they made? Where do they come from?

The story of its creation is buried deep within the sands of time just like the city it was named after.

Children's Jodhpurs And The Love Of Horses

By Little Fields Farm 2 years ago 861 Views

People who love riding horses also want to inculcate the same love in their children, and who wouldn’t? It really is a marvelous thing, to ride these majestic creatures.