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Why Equestrian Clothing Is Timeless

Why Equestrian Clothing Is Timeless
By Little Fields Farm 11 months ago 2952 Views

Equestrian fashion is majestic and powerful, graceful and timeless. You will never run out of words when describing its elegant aesthetics. It is trendy in every season and suitable for all daytime activities.

However, what makes equestrian clothes timeless is the seamless pairing of tradition with wearable designs. The sleek style and fitted stitching perfectly capture the aristocratic leisure. Its practicality as daywear paired with an explosion of good taste catapults it to the epitome of daytime sophistication.

The high functionality factor makes equestrian clothing perfectly timeless. It lets you perform without constricting body movements. From high boots, polo shirts to tailored jackets, all pieces can be paired with casual and laid back style. The easy pairing is what keeps it relevant on the runways and events.

If you wish you add the spark of timelessness in your fashion choices this summer, start by adding a few equestrian clothing items such as:


Horses may not be a mode of transportation for everyday life now and may have shifted towards the recreation industry. However, they will forever be credited for gifting the fashion world jodhpurs and breeches centuries ago.

Jodhpurs are an essential part of equestrian rider wear. They boast muted fashion which highlights the body in a good light. To incorporate this style choice effortlessly, try the Harby Ladies Breeches. They are accented with an elasticized bottom and leather seat for ultimate comfort.

If you want to add a little drama to your look, then opt for the Manby Ladies jodhpurs with contrasting loops for the belt and seat. The cool cloth, durable stitching, and practical design make them ideal for a timeless appeal.


There is no dearth of spectacular design when it comes to shirts in equestrian fashion. You can pair them with everything from skirts to jeans, black pants to even tracks.

From equestrian polo shirts to equestrian t-shirts, popped up collars to stunning full-length sleeves, this style is king of leisure chic. To add a little flair into your look, you can opt for a modest cut show shirt, or enhance your charm with a delicate looking lacy show shirt.

The details with lace add layers of depth to the design and enhance sophistication. Additionally, all shirts are made with breathable material to handle the summer heat well.


Equestrian footwear is visually impactful and highly comfortable. The buff leather build and strong grip heels work well on most walking surfaces, making them practical for daily wear. The beautiful details and neat structure are also very stylish when you want to make a statement.

If you want to look incredible but need something practical and comfortable for your feet, then add jodhpur boots to your collection. The zip fronted design with cambrill lining offers a secure fit that slides easily on to the foot.

If you have a riding event and need to glide in elegantly with all eyes on you, then wear the Hyland Milan long leather riding boot. The calf contouring genuine leather boots offer a streamlined fit, that too without inhibiting performance.

Little Fields Farm: Your Answer to Timeless Equestrian Clothing

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