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Keep Your Poultry Cool and Hydrated This Summer with These Easy Tips

By Little Fields Farm 1 years ago 3466 Views

Summer is in full swing and just like you need to keep yourself well hydrated to survive the hot weather, your chickens need it too!

Chickens can tolerate cold much better than they can deal with extreme heat. Water is essential to keep them cool and safe from heat strokes.

Poultry Problems: What Are Red Mites? How Do You Stop Them?

By Little Fields Farm 2 years ago 6022 Views

Is your chicken coop crawling with red mites?

Are you sure?

Red mites create havoc in the feathered flock’s life. Due to this, they are the most feared parasites in a poultry farming community.

6 Effective Tips to Keep Chicken Healthy

By Little Fields Farm 3 years ago 2722 Views

Keeping chicken in backyard is quite common, mainly in rural areas. Whether you run a poultry farm, or have some chickens in the backyard of your home, you need to maintain a healthy environment for them. You can keep them from getting sick by taking some preventive measures. You can reduce the risk of illness and increase egg production with some minor improvements.

Tips for Raising Healthy Chickens

By Little Fields Farm 3 years ago 1245 Views

As a farmer, it is your utmost duty and responsibility to ensure the chickens you raise are healthy and free from any illnesses and diseases. Many farms raise chickens in close quarters that lead to the spread of many illnesses and diseases.