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Why You Should Get Electric Netting

Why You Should Get Electric Netting
By Little Fields Farm 1 years ago 3217 Views

It is such a joy to watch your livestock, whether poultry or sheep, wander about and graze, but it becomes even more satisfying when you know that they are protected from predators like foxes, wild dogs, and other external harm. Although fencing your livestock can be a good option, but unless the fence that contains them is 6 feet high and properly staked into the ground, it’s very likely that a fox or any predatory animal might still be able to get to them.

This is where electric netting comes into the picture. Here are all the reasons you need to get your first roll of electric netting for your livestock:

Better Protection than Fencing

Fencing your livestock with a regular netting might seem like the easier option, but electric netting makes regular netting seem obsolete. Regular fencing usually gets worn out with time and with inclement weather in play, the ground gets sodden; hence, the fence comes loose. It won’t take a cunning predator long to figure out how to get through the protection. This is the main reason why most livestock owners prefer to get electric netting.

Easy Setup

Another exciting reason to opt for electric netting is its ease of use. It is convenient to move and unchallenging to set up with minimal tools and labor. One or two people can quite easily move the electric netting from one place to another, and it takes less than an hour to set it up before you are good to go.

Convenient Options

To enclose your livestock in electric netting, you also have convenient options to turn to. You can either choose fixed netting or portable electric netting. With movable or temporary electric netting, it is easier for you to let your livestock wander about and graze on another area for some time. They do not always have to be enclosed in a limited area, which is a win-win for you and your livestock.

A Harmless Way to Secure Your Livestock

You do not need to worry that the electric netting might harm your child, your animals, or even a predator. When a predator comes in contact with the electric netting, it only gets a shock to keep it away from your livestock. The netting is otherwise harmless. Only a pulsed electric current, which is about one pulse a second, is passed through the fence which gives the predator only short, sharp but safe shocks. Moreover, grazing animals are smart, and they soon figure out their safe grazing area. Therefore, electric netting helps in training your livestock to avoid the fence.

The most interesting thing about electric netting is its cost-effectiveness. When compared to other options, it saves the cost of wire, rail, and wood. With fewer posts and wiring, you are able to get secure netting around your livestock.

Littlefieldsfarms.com provides quick, secure, and quality solutions for containing your livestock with safe electric netting.