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A Beginner’s Guide to Equestrian Accessories: What to Wear for a Safe Horse Riding Experience

By Little Fields Farm 11 months ago 2883 Views

So you’ve decided to give horse riding a try. That’s wonderful but you can’t pick up this wonderful hobby without having the proper horse-riding equipment! This is where we and our guide come in. We will help you get started. Equestrian gear doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive and you won’t have to go to several different places to buy them.

Safety First-Why Should Horse Riders Wear Reflective Safety Wear?

By Little Fields Farm 2 years ago 2063 Views

Most drivers claim that they ‘never saw the horse’ after a hit and run accident happens. This is why the British Horse Society has been adamantly trying to encourage horse riders to opt for hi-vis clothing. The safety gear is designed for better visibility on the road. In fact, riders who frequent the highway paths and are habitual of taking leisure rides at night should definitely opt for reflective gears.