EverGreen Extreme Green Spreader

EverGreen Extreme Green Spreader
By Little Fields Farm
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EverGreen Extreme Green Spreader

What's a better way to increase the value and look of your home than having a beautiful lawn? Green, lush and healthy lawn can offer a good retreat from the routine hassle for you and your family.

Lawn care, however, is not something you can only give attention once and then leave it on its own. You have to provide consistent concentration to your garden to ensure it remains healthy and well-maintained. Lawns can substantially impact not just the look of your home, but your quality of life as well.

EverGreen Extreme Green Spreader is a highly effective lawn feed that comprises of dual-action formula. It sufficiently fulfils the nutritional requirement of your lawn and promotes strong and vital growth. Having adequate consistency of iron, potassium, and nitrogen, EverGreen Extreme Green Spreader takes three days to produce visible results in enriching your lawn and promoting healthier growth.

Why Should You Use EverGreen Extreme Green Spreader?

Nobody wants lawns with ugly barren patches and unwanted weeds exacerbating allergies. Maintaining the right moisture and performing mowing and raking sometimes aren’t enough to keep your lawn vigorous and healthy.

EverGreen Extreme Green Spreader can ensure a secure and healthier growth and maintenance of your lawn. Here are some reasons why you should be applying it on your lawn right away:

  • It is packed with additional iron, potassium, and nitrogen that are essential for blooming lawns.
  • Its easy application enables you to commence spot treatment effectively.
  • You can witness visible results in three days time.
  • It is safe to use around kids and pets.

How Can You Apply EverGreen Extreme Green Spreader?

You can easily apply EverGreen Extreme Green Spreader in your lawn by hand or through a lawn spreader. If you are applying in by hand, for one square yard, you need to apply 10oz. It is, however, better that you start in small measured patches to cover the entire lawn. For application through the spreader, you can follow these simple steps:

  1. Set the spreader setting on 4.5. (Spreader setting may vary in different spreaders)
  2. Apply the EverGreen Extreme Green Spreader around the trees in the lawn.
  3. Avoid contact with foliage.

You can apply EverGreen Extreme Green Spreader twice a year and in between April and September. Ensure that the weather is fair, the soil is moist and the grass is dry before you apply the Spreader.

Where to Get EverGreen Extreme Green Spreader From?

You can your supply of EverGreen Extreme Green Spreader from Little Fields Farm today. All you have to do is follow a simple one-step check-out process and you can get your order within 3 to 4 working days. Your vigorous and blossoming lawn is just one step away. Book your order today and get the best quality garden products delivered on your doorstep.

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