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Best Barn Maintenance Tips

Best Barn Maintenance Tips
By Little Fields Farm 1 years ago 2479 Views

Everyone loves horses but no one enjoys the chores that come with barn maintenance. In fact, most horse owners believe that maintenance is perhaps the hardest part of keeping a horse. Luckily, that’s not the case!

While barn maintenance important is crucially important to keep your animals happy and healthy, it’s not all that difficult! Scroll down to read some amazing tips to ensure your barn is well-maintained and that you provide your horse with a healthy living environment.

Barn Ventilation

Ventilation should be on top of your list when it comes to maintaining healthy and comfortable living conditions in the barn. Keep in mind that proper ventilation is important to rid the barn of moist and dust-laden air. It prevents respiratory diseases and the growth of mold. Here are a few tips to make sure your horse always enjoy fresh air in its stable.

  • Install exhaust fans in the ceiling to vent hot and stuffy air out of the barn. You can also install ceiling fans to regulate air through the barn.
  • When installing a ceiling fan, make sure you leave clearance space of 12 feet or more. This makes sure your horse has enough space to rear up.
  • For best results, install an exhaust fan in each stall to improve airflow in the barn.
  • It is important to leave space above the stalls to keep heat and stale air from getting trapped.
  • Even in winters, leave the barn doors open during the day. Horses can handle the cold but they hate hot and stuffy stables!
  • Cleaning the stables is another factor which helps sustain a good quality of air in the barn. It also prevents ammonia buildup.

Feed and Hay Storage

Managing a barn is not hard but it definitely requires a lot of care and attention. For example, horse feed can easily go bad when stored improperly. Furthermore, an opened, plain-in-sight storage box for feed is like an open buffet for your horse!

Scroll down to read some amazing tips about storing and managing feed and hay in your barn.

  • Reserve a separate area for storing feed and hay. Make sure it is locked to keep your horse from consuming the feed.
  • It is advisable to store feed and hay off the ground. You can place it on pallets to prevent the buildup of mold.
  • Store the feed and hay away from moisture. If possible, keep it away from any source of water.

Clean and Dry Stalls

Keeping the stalls clean and free of moisture is the basic requirement of good barn maintenance. It is not only important for the health of your horse but daily cleaning also protects the wooden stalls from rotting. Moreover, it prevents the growth of mold and insects. Here’s a list of tools you will need to keep the stalls clean.

  • Rake
  • Pitchfork
  • Stall fresheners
  • Scoop shovel
  • Good quality broom
  • Muck bucket cart

Use these tools to keep the stalls clean and tidy at all times. Remember, a clean and well-maintained barn means a healthy and happy horse! So, don’t forget to check out the wide range of yard tools and accessories at Little Field Farms.