3 Ways to Keep Your Pets Flea Proof

3 Ways to Keep Your Pets Flea Proof
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3 Ways to Keep Your Pets Flea Proof

A pet can be a splendid source of joy; however, their health concerns need to be taken very seriously. More often than not, the most worrisome health concern of a pet can be flea infestation. These small, harmless-looking creatures can have a major negative effect on your pet’s health. Moreover, these harmful little pests can be a cause of great discomfort and diseases for your pet by feeding on their blood. In order to prevent fleas from spreading into the house, the problem must be nipped in the bud.

Here are 3 promising ways to keep your pets flea proof.

1. Regularly Check for Fleas

First things first, keep a lookout for any signs of fleas, which can usually be your pet scratching itself constantly. You can use flea combs to be sure of the early signs of fleas on your pet. Furthermore, a pet owner can also use topical treatments monthly or in the summers to protect his/her pet from a flea infestation. Check your pet’s fur thoroughly, especially under the ears, neck, back, and armpits.

2. Daily Warm Baths

Two very effective tools in the fight against fleas are heat and shampoos. If you detect any early signs of fleas, give your pet a warm bath and make sure to use a proper shampoo for flea prevention. Regularly shampooing your pet can help significantly in protecting your pet from fleas. Your pet might get cranky about the idea of bathing but remember to take the difficult step for your pet’s health. The fleas might jump out suddenly and land on your pet’s head or face but do not worry and make sure to give a vigorous bath to clean every last one of them out of their fur.

3. Cleanse Your House of Flea Eggs and Larvae

Flea eggs and larvae account for 85% of a flea infestation because an adult flea might die naturally within a week or two. Therefore, it is very important to cleanse your house from any signs of lurking flea eggs or larvae living in tight places. Start with the places where your pet sleeps or spends most of its time. Use steam cleaners, vacuums and washing to rid the carpets or your pet’s bed of any flea eggs or larvae. Specially wash your pet’s towel and bedding in hot water to prevent any future spread of fleas.

By employing these three steps, you are well on your way to keeping your pet flea proof. However, all your measures will still not guarantee that your pet will be 100% free from fleas. You will still have to use treatments and repellents to protect your pet from future infestations. A pet can be a wonderful companion and grows on you even before you know it. Nevertheless, it might get very worrisome to look after them and take good care of their health, but a little help from the right professionals can go a long way.

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