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Chempak Soluble Plant Foods are designed for the professional grower and top horticultural exhibitor, as well as the everyday gardener wanting to get the best results from their garden.

Fully soluble, they all contain seven essential trace elements, far more than ordinary soluble fertiliser.

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Which Chempak fertiliser should I use on my plants and when?

Chempak No.2 Chempak No.3 Chempak No.4 Chempak No.8
Alpines   All Times
Asparagus All Times  
Auricula All Times  
Azalea   All Times
Beans   All Times
Bedding Plants(Boxed) to May (Established) All Times 
BegoniasTo AprilMayJune on 
BonsaiSeedlings - All Times  Trees - All Times
Bulbs Others - All TimesSpring - After Flowering 
Cacti   All Times
Camellias   All Times
Carnations All Times  
CarrotsTo June  July On
CeleryTo June  July On
Chrysanths - Early FloweringJuly OnTo June  
Chrysanths - Late FloweringSept OnTo August  
Citrus All Times  
Clematis All Times  
Conifers1st Year - All Times  Established - All Times
CucumberAll Times   
Dahlias To JuneJuly On 
Delphimiums To April May On
FernsAll Times   
Fruiting Trees All Times  
FuchsiasTo MayJuneJuly On 
Geraniums & Pelargoniums To MayJune On 
Gladiolus  All Times 
GloxiniasTo MayJuneJuly On 
Grape Vines All Times  
Heathers1st Year - All Times  Established - All Times
Herbs All Times  
House Plants  All Times 
Hydrangea All Times  
Lawns   Aug-Sept
LeeksTo June  July On
LettuceAll Times   
MarrowsAll Times   
MelonsAll Times   
OnionsTo June  July On
Orchids - First YearTo Buds  When Flowering
Orchids - EstablishedSpring  Other Times
Ornamentals All Times  
Palms All Times  
ParnsipsTo June  July On
Peas   All Times
Peppers  All Times 
Potatoes  All Times 
Pot Plants - SummerTo May June On 
Pot Plants - WinterJuly-SeptOct On  
PumpkinTo JulyAugust On  
Rhododendrons  All Times 
RosesTo April May On 
Rhubarb  All Times 
Soft Fruit  All Times 
Strawberries  All Times 
Sweet Corn All Times  
Sweet PeasTo April  May On
Tomatoes Sept OnTo August 
VegetablesLeaf - All Times Root - All Times