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Ways to Create a Special Bond with Your Horse

Ways to Create a Special Bond with Your Horse
By Little Fields Farm 6 months ago 2336 Views

Horses are not only majestic but they are also very smart, sensitive and loyal. This makes them a good pet and a loyal friend.

However, just like it takes time to develop a strong and lasting human friendship, you may also need some time to develop a special bond with your horse.

Keep in mind that every horse is different. They have distinct personalities and different characteristics. One may be playful and friendly while another can be serious and brooding.

In any case, the bond between the owner and the horse is a special one. Scroll down to read about what you can do to make your pet trust you and to create an extraordinary, special bond with it.

All Work & No Play

While your horse may not be a little boy, it still needs your time and attention apart from the “work time”. Showing up only for riding or driving the horse is not a bright idea because bonding over work is difficult.

While your horse may get accustomed to working, the trusting bond of friendship and loyalty will remain missing. So, try and take time out of your busy schedule to visit your horse for no reason. Simple things like hand grazing and scratching the mane for a few minutes will work to help you create a bond.

A Yummy Treat

What’s better than starting a friendship by offering yummy treats? While it is important to maintain a balanced diet, there’s no harm in offering an occasional treat. Your horse will love it and grow confident around you. Offering an occasional treat will make your horse see you as a friend rather than just another person.

While a number of horse treats are available in the market, you can also opt for more natural options like fruits and vegetables. Apple and carrots are the traditional favourites. You can also offer other fruits and vegetables like strawberries, raisins, melons, pumpkin, and grapes.


Grooming is a pleasant way to bond with your horse. It allows your horse to trust you and realise that you mean no harm. An easy way to quickly groom your horse is by using appropriate grooming tools and accessories. Here’s a list of some common grooming tools that every horse owner should have.

Love and Respect

Like all relationships, a special bond between a horse and its owner cannot thrive without love and respect. While most owners love their horses, they forget to respect them and treat them like one. It is important to realise that you are dealing with a horse, not a gigantic dog. Furthermore, keep in mind that a horse is a herd animal and enjoys the company of its own kind. While your horse surely enjoys your companionship, it also needs to be around other horses.

Remember, a horse is an intelligent animal and has the ability to pick up on emotions of people around them. You will be surprised to see how easy it is to form a bond with your new horse when you care for it and treat it right!