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3 Reasons Why You Should Invest in a Nest Box

By Little Fields Farm 3 months ago 1481 Views

Do you partake in chicken farming? Have you been facing a slightly un-egg-citing situation?

A lesser known fact about the chicken coop is that laying hens prefer privacy. It’s something your backyard or barn ventures can’t provide if you have a big flock.

Poultry Breeders: What Supplies You Need for Keeping Chickens?

By Little Fields Farm 6 months ago 12667 Views

Chickens generally make a good pet. They are easy to keep and it doesn’t cost a fortune to keep them happy and healthy.

This being said, there are some must-have supplies that every poultry breeder should have to make sure their chickens stay healthy and active.

Chicken Care: Jobs to Look After in April

By Little Fields Farm 2 years ago 1587 Views

We’re more than halfway through March and you must be busy collecting and incubating eggs to get your new stock of chickens. If you haven’t tried one of these automatic egg incubators so far, there’s a whole poultry farming world that you’re missing out on. Get yourself an automatic egg incubator and make hatching eggs easier than ever before.

Raising Happy Chickens: Basic Dos and Don’ts of Chicken Keeping

By Little Fields Farm 2 years ago 6981 Views

Did you just decide to raise your own chickens for the love of eating fresh eggs daily? Or you love those friendly little chicks running here and there in your backyard? Whatever makes you reach this decision, you need to arm yourself with the right information to not end up regretting it after some time.