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3 Reasons Why You Should Buy Chicken Feeders

By Little Fields Farm 10 months ago 2731 Views

Have you got a flock of hungry chickens? Is feeding time always messy? Do they spill feed and peck over your measly feeding buckets?

Then you should probably invest in a chicken feeder. Now, we know chickens could care less how you feed them. They are not very particular on proper table manners. Are they?

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Feeders

By Little Fields Farm 2 years ago 2202 Views

Raising chickens isn’t a science – it is more of an art. Sure, there are some best practices that you need to be following, and as far as the stuff about keeping things clean goes there are steps you should follow, but beyond that there is a lot more to do for chicken farmers.

Benefits of Galvanised Feeders Compared To Plastic Feeders

By Little Fields Farm 2 years ago 2590 Views

Plastic feeders serve an important role in helping you to provide chicken feed to hens without creating a lot of mess. Hanging feeders, as opposed to ground feeders, help maintain high levels of hygiene as it prevents chicken droppings from getting mixed with the feed and requiring unnecessary cleaning and maintenance.