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Why Use Vitax Organic Rooting Powder & How it Works?

By Little Fields Farm 7 months ago 1388 Views

You cannot undermine the importance of plant roots only because you can’t see them.

Your plant cannot grow and stay healthy if its roots are not nourished adequately. Roots are the most essential part of the plant and play a critical role in the plant development. Serving as a major supplier of water and minerals, you have to take sufficient care of the root system.

Doff Tomato Feed Concentrate

By Little Fields Farm 8 months ago 1373 Views

Tomatoes are one of the common plants for the garden enthusiasts to grow at home. Your experience, however, can turn into a complete disaster if you don’t carry out sufficient measures to protect these small, fast-growing plants.

Phostrogen – All Purpose Plant Food

By Little Fields Farm 8 months ago 3796 Views

If you are a gardening enthusiast, maintaining the balance of your soil might just be one of the more frequent concerns you have.

The good news is that if you keep up with regular compositing of your garden soil, then you may not require garden fertiliser per se.