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Why Use Miracle-Gro – Orchid Mist?

Why Use Miracle-Gro – Orchid Mist?
By Little Fields Farm 8 months ago 1209 Views

What is not to love about the vibrant-looking orchids? Thriving on our planet for over a million years, orchids are one of the oldest flowering plants that are, to date, used to beautify gardens.

Having the ability to adapt to all sorts of environments, orchids are prevailing everywhere other than Antarctica. Orchids, with their sweet scents and extensive range of species, require adequate look after to ensure healthy growth and adequate flowering.

Miracle-Gro – Orchid Mist comprises of a unique mix of nutrients that are beneficial for the growth of orchids and encourage beautiful flowering.

Originally, orchids benefit from higher humidity. Regular application of Miracle-Gro – Orchid Mist creates a concentrated hydration layer around the

plants and promotes the growth of perfect orchids in your garden.

Combining Miracle-Gro – Orchid Mist with adequate watering around roots, leaves, and soils once a week, you can have a stunning orchid flowering plant.

Why Use Miracle-Gro – Orchid Mist?

Miracle-Gro Orchid Mist stimulates the growth of your orchid plants and improves their overall vitality. You can achieve more flowering in your indoors orchid plants with regular spraying of Miracle-Gro – Orchid Mist.

This formula is high in phosphate and potassium that encourages heavy and long-lasting flowering. Miracle-Gro – Orchid Mist comprises nine nutrients that are essential for the healthy growth of orchids. Some major benefits of Miracle-Gro – Orchid Mist are:

  • Promotes flowering.
  • Supplies nutrients.
  • Encourages Healthy growth.
  • Supports strong plant development.

How to Apply Miracle-Gro – Orchid Mist?

Miracle-Gro – Orchid Mist is very simple to use. You only have to be watchful of the timing. If its flowering time, you need to spray more often. If it’s resting phase, you can prolong the gaps up to three weeks. Here are some tips on how you can effectively apply Miracle-Gro – Orchid Mist:

  1. Start with activating the trigger of the spray bottle by pressing the button.
  2. Spray on the leaves, roots, and compost of the orchids at least once or twice a week when the plant is actively growing.
  3. During the resting phase of orchids, you can spray Miracle-Gro – Orchid Mist once every two or three weeks.
  4. If you have completely blossomed flowers, avoiding spraying directly on them.
  5. You can also use it with Miracle-Gro Orchid Plant Food Concentrate.

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