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Make Your Cat Feel like a Million Bucks with These Grooming Tips

Make Your Cat Feel like a Million Bucks with These Grooming Tips
By Little Fields Farm 5 months ago 2156 Views

Cats love getting attention and what’s better than giving your furry feline a nice grooming session?

It not only makes them look, but also feel good too!

In addition to keeping your cat show-ready all the time, grooming also ensures their good health.

Whether you have a long haired cat or a short coated one, grooming is essential to maintain their health and wellbeing.

Regular grooming helps you spot any changes or abnormalities on your cat’s skin and body. It also allows for early detection of any wounds, injuries or diseases.

Check out these cat grooming tips for a happy, healthy and pretty looking cat.

Examine Your Cat

Give your cat a quick check. Look into its ears, eyes, mouth, and nose for any issues. Wipe off dirt and debris using cat wipes.

Similarly check your cat’s skin, coat, paws and claws. The claws should be regularly trimmed. If you don’t feel too confident to use nail clipper yourself, you can always get services of a professional cat groomer.

Use Flea Combs to Remove Any Fleas and Ticks

Comb your cat with a flea comb to remove house fleas or ticks. In case of a serious flea problem, you should always consult a doctor and get a flea treatment done.

Do the Brushing

Brushing should be done several times a week. It is really important for skin and coat health as it helps with distribution of natural oils and promotes blood circulation.

Prior to brushing, it’s advisable to use your fingers for giving a gentle massage to the cat, detangling the hair and loosening any dead strands. Once done, use a grooming brush starting from the head down to the tail.

A damp cotton or rubber glove can be used to remove any remaining dead hair.

At the end, don’t forget to praise your cat!


Cats aren’t particularly fond of baths. In fact, at times, bathing can seriously upset your cat. Regular brushing is sufficient to keep your cat groomed and healthy. Cat wipes also come in handy.

However, every once in a while your feline friend will need a little extra cleaning. Start by making the water temperature pleasant and gently wet your cat using a spray hose.

Make sure to select the right shampoo, conditioners and sprays according to your cat’s requirement. Gently work the shampoo from head to tail and then rinse it off thoroughly. Water should never be poured directly on the cat’s head.

Finally pat dry using a soft and warm towel.

Grooming gives you a chance to spend quality time with your cat and it be as enjoyable for you as it is for her. It will make your cat shine and her health will also benefit from it. For finding out the best cat grooming products, head to the Little Farms Field