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Know Your Poultry – 3 Breeds of Chickens That Lay the Most Eggs

Know Your Poultry – 3 Breeds of Chickens That Lay the Most Eggs
By Little Fields Farm 9 months ago 2526 Views

The biggest perk of rearing chickens in your backyard is being able to enjoy the steady supply of fresh and healthy eggs all around the year.

If you are planning on getting yourself a flock in order to enjoy fresh eggs every day, you will be interested to know that not all breeds lay the same amount of eggs.

While some chickens lay only a few eggs in a month, certain breeds can lay up to 280 to 300 eggs per year! This makes it important to take some time from your busy schedule and do a little research before buying your new flock.

Scroll down to read about 3 breeds of chickens that lay the most eggs.

1. Hybrid Chickens

Hybrid chickens are bred to lay a large number of eggs while consuming only a small amount of feed. This makes these birds one of the best options for people, who are looking for chickens that are easy and economical to look after, fun to have around and lays a lot of eggs!

While there are many types of hybrid chickens, the Golden Comet hen is the most common. They can lay up to 280 – 300 eggs per year. Their eggs are generally medium-sized and brown in colour. Another advantage of keeping hybrid hens is that they hardly ever turn broody! This makes them the top choice of backyard poulterers.

2. Leghorn Chickens

Leghorn chickens are native to Italy. They are generally very gentle and friendly. However, male Leghorns have the tendency to show aggressive behaviour. These hens are productive egg layers and can lay up to 250 - 280 eggs in a year.

However, they have a good feed to egg ration. Meaning, they require at least 125 grams of feed every day. Just like Hybrids hens, Leghorns are rarely broody. However, this breed is not suitable for beginners. If you are a beginner, you may want to skip Leghorns because they are generally shy and hard to tame.

3. Sussex Chickens

Sussex chickens are “dual purpose”. Meaning, they are reared for eggs as well as for their meat. If you keep a Sussex hen for eggs, you can expect around 250 eggs a year. These hens are productive layers and the colour of their eggs varies from brown to creamy white. The best part about these birds is that they are very friendly and calm. They are easy to tame and are usually happy to just roam around gardens and lawns without destroying them.

Remember, no matter what breed of chickens you keep, if neglected, they will stop laying eggs! This makes it important to make sure you buy only the best quality feed for your flock and maintain healthy living conditions in the coop. Furthermore, in winters, it is advisable to install heat lamps and bulbs to ensure they get enough light and stay warm, cozy and comfortable.

Enjoy the eggs!