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Keep Your Horse Free from Pesky Nuisances This Summer – Tips for Pest Control

Keep Your Horse Free from Pesky Nuisances This Summer – Tips for Pest Control
By Little Fields Farm 5 months ago 2065 Views

With summer comes the peak horse riding season. Both the horse and the owners look forward to having a delightful time in the field. However, summer also brings in greater risk of equine skin issues and infection owing to flies, gnats, midges and worms.

You have to keep these tiny creatures away from your horse as they pose a serious threat to your horse’s health and wellness.

Pruritis or the ‘summer itch’ is a very common skin issue that horses face which results in extreme discomfort. It is caused by an allergic reaction when biting flies’ saliva comes in contact with the skin of the horse.

Some flies tend to lay their eggs in the eyes of the horses that lead to conjunctivitis. Eggs that are laid in the hair may get entry into the horse’s digestive tract via licking, causing internal parasites. As a result, the horse may suffer from intestinal infections.

Check out these tips to keep pests from agitating your horse and ensuring that the riding season is fun and safe.

Keep Your Stable, Stalls and Paddock Manure-free

Sanitation is of prime importance in pest control for horses. Flies get attracted to and breed on piles of manure so prompt removal is necessary. Stalls should be mucked out on a daily basis too.

Get Fly Control Horse Wear

It’s good to invest in a quality fly rug and a fly mask for your horse to give it maximum protection against all flying insects. These products serve as a great barrier for the little nasties.

An added advantage of a fly rug is sun protection during the hot season.

Make sure to get the right size and fit so as to avoid any discomfort or irritation to the horse.

Use Fly Repellants

There is a plethora of fly care products available in the market. Fly sprays, roll-ons, insect repellant gels, shampoos and creams, all do a good job in preventing flies from harassing your horse. Gels and creams provide greater protection during high activity times when the horse would sweat.

Install Fans

As flies don’t like air movement, make sure keep the doors and windows of the horse stall open to make use of any summer breeze.

Install barn fans to interrupt flight paths and keep flies from entering the barns.

Drain Water Out

You need to minimise any standing water in the stable and paddock. Efficient drainage should be in place to prevent collection of stagnant water.

Fresh water tanks should be kept clean and covered as they make a good site for flies to lay their eggs.

Summer season is ideal to enjoy horse riding but your horse also requires extra care during this time of the year. You need to be proactive to keep your horse well protected against flying insects otherwise it may be seen rubbing and itching itself to the point of self harm.

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