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Inquiring Equestrians: Why Do You Need A Saddle Pad?

Inquiring Equestrians: Why Do You Need A Saddle Pad?
By Little Fields Farm 8 months ago 1316 Views

Have you wondered why riders use saddle pads?

Initially, the saddle pad was a mere saddle blanket. It was used to prevent the leather-bound saddles from getting dirty and sweaty.

This is because saddles that were made of leathers were highly expensive. The material often got worn down due to the harmful environmental factors like dust and humidity.

However, with time as the horse changed its role in the society, so did the saddle pads. Now, they are designed to keep the horse and rider’s wellbeing in mind.

Here is a list of functions of a saddle pad:

The Buffer Zone

Do you get back pains after a long ride?

Imagine the horse’s state after you rode on his back!

The saddle pads primarily function as a layer between the horse and the saddle. They provide a cushion effect that prevents your weight to burden the horse. As a result, your horse does not have a sore back after a long ride.

The Perfect Fit

Saddles are supposed to fit the horse like a glove. However, this cannot always be possible due to your horse’s growing body or anatomical idiosyncrasies. In these cases, the saddle pads come in handy, as they provide the saddles a base to be fastened on.

The Grip

Every rider knows how much the horses love to jump and gallop. With an imperfect saddle, you might slip out off his back when that happens. The saddle pads provide you the stable base to sit on. They help you to maintain your balance. As a result, you have the right grip to control a jolting creature.

The Fashion

Apart from the practical reasons, the saddle pads are a fashionable statement. Most equestrians prefer to present their horses in high-quality and well-fitted dressage. The colourful styles and range of saddle pads are like clothes on a horse’s body. They add a certain beauty and colour on the riding grounds.

This is why many riders have a chest full of saddle pads that add a splash of colour in their stables.

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