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How to Keep a Well Maintained Horse Stable

How to Keep a Well Maintained Horse Stable
By Little Fields Farm 5 months ago 2390 Views

Maintaining a horse stable may seem like an arduous job, but for a horse lover, it’s totally worth it. Stable care and maintenance is a big part of a horse owner’s life.

If you enjoy owning a horse, you might as well invest in some time and money to provide them a healthy and safe home.

A stable kept in mint condition is essential for healthier and happier horses. It keeps them comfortable and in good order for longer.

A horse living in a well maintained stable with a hygienic environment would perform better and live longer. Let’s look at some of the ways that can help you in horse stable management and ensure a top notch living environment for your horse.

Mucking Out on a Daily Basis

Unclean horse stables and stalls are home to harmful insects, pests and bacteria and can lead to serious infections such as thrush. Therefore, daily stall picking is synonymous to healthy horses.

Stable forks, shovels and rakes are must-have tools along with wheel barrows and buckets.

For a deeper cleanse, every two to three weeks, strip off the stall completely, carry out disinfection treatment and re-bed the stall.

Make Repairs

Closely look at your stalls, feed room and paddock every week. Fix any leakages, protrusions, faulty ventilation fans or flickering lights.

Gates and fencing should also be monitored regularly for any issues. Installing good quality fencing equipment reduces the need for repair work.

Check for Moist or Humid Conditions

Maintaining a dry environment in the stable is important as high moisture can lead to mold, pests and rot. It involves regularly cleaning out moist bedding and overall plumbing and drainage management of the stable.

Adequate Ventilation

Ventilation is the key to ensure good air quality inside the stable. Sufficient openings and ventilation fans prevent build up of moisture, ammonia and other odours. They also help your horses stay cool.

Greater Access to Light

All areas of the stable including the stall, feed room, storage and aisles must be well lit for the ease and comfort of people working in them and also for the horses.

Cool burning lights are ideal for stables so less heat is generated. All bulbs should be enclosed for safety and rodent proof electrical wiring should be installed.

Food Storage Must be Dry

Food storage areas should be kept clean and dry otherwise there is a great risk of food spoilage and contamination due to mould and rodents. Feeding your horse contaminated food can result in serious diseases.

Hay feed should be stored in an open shed to avoid any fire hazards.

There should be no compromise in providing your horse with a great equine environment. A well maintained stable means your horse will thrive for the years to come. To grab the best stable care tools and equipment, visit Little Farm Fields today.