Horse Diaries: 3 Common Winter Problems You See in Horses

Horse Diaries: 3 Common Winter Problems You See in Horses

Horse Diaries: 3 Common Winter Problems You See in Horses

Did you know? December isn’t the coldest month in the UK!

In reality, the cold season picks up the pace as soon as the New Year begins. This means that you are quite possibly stuck with the cold season for two more months. And the weather forecast doesn’t exactly predict any sunny days. So minimum horse riding for you, fellow equestrian!

What’s worst?

It’s the fact that your horses are tied to a post for weeks. This will probably cause a lot of problems at the stable. Hence, you should be aware of all the dangers that lurk in the upcoming winter months.

Here are a handful of winter woes every equestrian is worrying about:

1. Dehydration

It may seem odd but horses tend to get dehydrated in winter. This is because just like you, your horses are likely to turn their noses to chilled water. Open water buckets are bound to get cold within a few minutes in the harsh weather. As a result, your horse starts to feel weak, tired, and dull. This makes it vulnerable to health issues like colic and depression.

What’s the solution? Invest in tank heaters that keep their water supply warm and drinkable at all times.

2. Painful Problems

You might already know that joint stiffness is a major issue in the old horses. The chilly, damp weather is responsible for triggering the pain. This is especially true for horses that may still be recovering from an injury or are suffering from arthritis. Furthermore, the lack of movement is another reason why your horse’s joints start to ache.

What’s the solution? Try to take the horse for regular walks during the daytime. Additionally, massage your horses with the right ointments and supplements to help alleviate the pain.

3. Weight Issues

Did you know? Horses burn more calories by keeping themselves warm rather than running around. That means that they need more food to stay healthy in the winter. Therefore, don’t be surprised to see a constant fluctuation in their weight. Plus, many geriatric horses might lose their appetite during the rough weather. Consequently, the weight loss makes them weak and sickly.

What’s the solution? Provide your horses with lots of hay and supplements to keep them well-nourished. You can also introduce some treats in their diet to tempt their taste buds.

Other problems include:

  • Respiratory problems like asthma due to the chilly winds and mucous accumulation
  • Thrush and white line disease caused by dirty, muddy hoofs
  • Aggression and temperamental issues as a result of boredom

On the whole, the only way to help your horse is by paying attention to its needs. Don’t leave your equine alone to suffer the wintry weather. Rather pay occasional visits and take it out for short walks. More importantly, supply it with unconditional love and care. This might not prevent the problems but it will keep it pleased and happy.

Need prevention?

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So stop horsing around and get your beastly buddies the best winter care!

4 years ago