Horse Basics: What Should Horses Wear While Travelling?

Horse Basics: What Should Horses Wear While Travelling?
By Little Fields Farm
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Horse Basics: What Should Horses Wear While Travelling?

Do you know what is harder than transporting fragile cargo?

A cargo that moves!

From an equestrian’s point of view, horses are delicate cargo. The problem is that these beings move, fidget and are prone to flee when frightened. This is why it is suggested that horses should wear travel gear for protection.

Does this work?

The protective gear may not stop your horse from bumping into poles or knocking off something. However, they do make sure that the horse is safe from head to toe.

Here is a list of essentials every wanderlust horse owner should travel with:

Travel Boots

A pair of travelling boots keeps your pet’s leggy limbs relaxed. They add enough pressure near the calves so it allows unrestricted blood flow. This helps your horse to regain movement after it has been standing too long at a waiting spot.

Additionally, the padded boots help prevent injury due to bumps or jolts.

Tail Guard

Does your horse wag its tail too much? Are you afraid that it will get tangled up on wires or poles?

This is why it is prudent for riders to have a tail guard at hand. The tail guard protects the vulnerable area from injury and breakage.

Panic Hook

Panic hooks or panic straps are used for horses carrying a heavy load. This hook helps to easily detach the horse from its load. This comes in handy if there is an emergency or the horse is getting too fidgety.

Trailer Tie

The ties help you bind your horses to trailers or poles. They stop the wild creatures from fleeing away when you are at a stopping point.

Now that you know all this- quit horsing around and get the best equine protection gears from Little Fields Farm.

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