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Do You Need Help Getting Rid of the Slimy Slugs in Your Garden?

Do You Need Help Getting Rid of the Slimy Slugs in Your Garden?
By Little Fields Farm 8 months ago 1431 Views

Did you know that the UK is home to approximately 44 species of slugs? Did you also know that the slugs have been infesting British gardens since ice age?

If these facts sound interesting to you, then you most definitely aren’t a gardener. Since gardeners and slugs have had a longstanding war for centuries. What started this animosity?

The slugs are notorious garden pests. They sneak in the garden to chomp on fresh leaves and baby seedlings. This was all they had to do, to anger those with green thumbs.

This why any wise gardener will warn you to:

Beware of these slimy creatures!

Why Are Gardeners so Wary of These Tiny Molluscs?

Slugs may be small but they have a large appetite. This is why they top the list of garden infestations you should avoid at all costs. Thus, it is advised that you should always be on the lookout for signs of slugs.

Although the slugs usually come to feast on your garden at night, their leftovers and debris give enough indication of their presence.

Here are a few signs of a slug invasion:

  • Slime trails on the soil or bitten leaves
  • Irregular holes in the soft parts of the plants (like leaves and petals)
  • Bite marks on the edges of the leaves
  • Disappearance of seedlings

The worst part is that slugs are active almost all year around. Especially during the time, the weather is warm and wet. They like to eat almost all the ornamental and vegetable plants grown by you. However, their favorites are hostas, asparagus, lettuces, potato tubers, seedlings and spring bulbs.

Pest Control-Slug Edition

Can we get rid of the slugs?

A hardcore British fact is that our fertile lands and humid weathers are home ground for these plant eaters. This is why complete slug eradication is nearly impossible. However, there are many ways through which you can minimize the loss.

Here are a few common preventative measures:

Slug Pellets

The small pellets are a very popular way to get rid of these trespassers. All you have to do is sprinkle them in your lawn and see the slugs die off.

Most chemical pellets are highly effective because of metaldehyde as their main ingredient. The powerful chemical causes the slugs to die of dehydration.


Ever heard the saying ‘your enemy’s enemy is your friend’?

Well, this is the case with nematodes. Most gardeners buy several packets of these microscopic slug assassins. These tiny organisms are the baby slugs’ number one enemy.This is because they are ineffective on large slugs but enthusiastically seek younger ones. They destroy the young generations of slugs which usually make up ninety-percent of their population.


You may also spray pesticides on the plants to keep the slugs from slithering on them. The harmful chemicals inside the pesticides act as poison for the plant-hungry creatures.

Where to get the best slug repellants from?

Little Fields Farms equips you with the proper tools and supplies to make your garden a slug-free zone with high-quality pest control products.