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Benefits of Community Gardening

Benefits of Community Gardening
By Little Fields Farm 11 months ago 2944 Views

The concept of Community Gardening is a societal welfare strategy where people from a community or a society come together to engage in gardening activities. Often, individual or shared plots on private or public land are used for community gardening. There are various purposes of this type of gardening which include beautifying the area, the production of fresh fruits and vegetable, social interactions, and for the community’s physical and mental health. One of the most splendid benefits of community gardening is the sense of togetherness and ownership that prevails as a result of this activity.

There are various benefits of community gardening which have been a reason for the concept being spread far and wide. Here are some of the benefits of community gardening:


City life often deprives people of the opportunity to be more in contact with nature and greenery. Compact apartments and urban infrastructure lack the touch of lush green plantations. Therefore, community gardening provides a chance to transform vacant, dirty lots which are often filled with rubbish as well into verdant, aesthetically beautiful gardens. Moreover, having a beautiful and soothing environment makes people value the surrounding land.

Health Benefits

Everyone is familiar with the benefits of fresh fruits and vegetables, but having it at a close reach saves the daily market trips to buy fresh vegetables and fruits. Not only does eating fresh fruits and vegetables keep you healthy, but community gardening is also known to reduce stress and gives you the harmony and peace that you require, especially when you live in the stressful, hustle and bustle life of the city.

Gardening is also a moderate level workout. It might leave you sweaty, but it has been helpful in reducing the risk of heart diseases and depression. Hospitals and rehabilitation centers are now incorporating gardening to help patients recover and for the social uplift that community gardening provides.

Social Benefits

Working in a community garden helps people become closer to their neighbors and other people of the community every day. It encourages a spirit of ownership and affiliation when people socialize and connect with new people. Due to frequent meet-ups, neighbors also get to know each other better, and this increases accountability. People tend to refrain from committing any crime when they are well known by other people of the community.

Learning Environment

Community gardens also provide the children of the community with a learning opportunity outside their school and home setting. They learn about different plants, food chains, and environmental issues. Adults also get to meet and know people from different backgrounds. They get a chance to share ideas and thoughts with their neighbors and fellow gardeners.

In the awareness struggle about global warming and the dire need for recycling, community gardening proves to be a blessing in disguise that can help people in improving the quality of air and it can also help us to reduce our carbon footprint.

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