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Autumn Pest Infestation in Your Garden

Autumn Pest Infestation in Your Garden
By Little Fields Farm 8 months ago 2630 Views

The crops in the autumn season need extra time to ripe as they don't receive enough sunlight. The least you would ask in this situation is a garden free of insect infestation.

As autumn arrives, insects tend to enter your garden as they are looking for a safe, warm abode where they can also find their food resources easily. Their quest for a safe home turns your backyard into a center of unhygienic produce.

Read on to have an insight into autumn insect and pest infestation and what measures you need to get rid of them.

Flying Insects

The autumn season is a ground for stinging insects and flies in your kitchen garden. The insects can be ranging from thrips, ground beetles, aphids to fruit flies found sitting on your fruits and vegetables. It can be extremely unhealthy for you to consume this infected produce. The stinging insects, like wasps and bugs, make home in the corners of your garden or trees in large numbers.

Another harmful and commonly found insect in the garden is cockroaches. Cockroaches are always in hunt for food, and that is why they are found wandering in over your crops especially in the night time.


Ants are known to live in colonies. If you see a trail on the walls or corners of your garden, the chances are there is an ant infestation. They can also be found over the trunk of the trees in your garden. It can be quite hard to get rid of them, especially if the colonies have spread.


Rodents are perhaps the biggest threat to your kitchen garden. They are huge and hard to control. They dig holes or burrows in your yard and are good at memorizing the pathways and use the same route each time to get near your crops. They leave a trail of droppings and gnaw marks on your fruits and vegetables. They are also carriers of many harmful diseases.

Measures to Get Rid of Pests

A pest infestation can get out of hand if not appropriately dealt with. Using sprays and insect/rodent, killing poisons can be a risky option if you have kids or pets in the house. It not only is hazardous for health but also not very effective. It doesn’t ensure a pest-free garden as it doesn’t eradicate the pest infestation completely. For instance, cockroaches have a rapid reproduction rate. You kill one batch, and there is another one waiting in the wings.

It is recommended to contact a professional pest control service to get rid of this issue safely and properly. It is a convenient option to have a pest-free, sterile house.

Another essential preventative measure to protect your crops from infestation is to get fruit cage netting or insect mesh netting to cover your fruits and vegetables from a possible attack of insects. Their Agralan Enviromesh is an ultra-fine insect protection mesh that can be cut in various width and lengths. It is made from lightweight polythene that helps to screen out insects and prevents bacterial diseases. If you want to explore more options on insect netting, visit our netting and frost protection.