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June 2017

Getting the perfect numnah for summer

By Little Fields Farm 3 years ago 2608 Views

Summers are here and that means it is going to be great weather for riding. Nothing beats summer – you running around beating the heat as the wind rushes all around you. However, if you want to make the most of summer you need to make sure that you start preparing for it already.

Using The Right Tools For The Right Results

By Little Fields Farm 3 years ago 2077 Views

The basic tools are the feeders, the feed scoop, the waterers, and the like. Even in these you have a lot of choice. You can buy plastic waterers and plastic feeders, or you can go with galvanised metal feeders.

Riding tips for the summer

By Little Fields Farm 3 years ago 801 Views

Summer is here and so is the time for riding. There is really nothing better to do in summer than to take your horse for a ride. However, summers have steadily been getting worse almost every year, and...

Getting The Right Saddle Pads For You

By Little Fields Farm 3 years ago 793 Views

You can’t simply go out and get the ‘best saddle pad’, because such a thing doesn’t exist. What you need to look for is the best saddle pad for you. That is something most people do not take into account, that the way they ride influences the type of a saddle pad they want. Here are some things you need to take into consideration.

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Feeders

By Little Fields Farm 3 years ago 2776 Views

Raising chickens isn’t a science – it is more of an art. Sure, there are some best practices that you need to be following, and as far as the stuff about keeping things clean goes there are steps you should follow, but beyond that there is a lot more to do for chicken farmers.

Keeping Vermin Away From The Feed

By Little Fields Farm 3 years ago 2233 Views

Feeders are a basic tool that every chicken farmer uses. However, one problem that many farmers face is that other animals are attracted towards the feed as well.

The Importance Of Having The Right Saddle Pad

By Little Fields Farm 3 years ago 2201 Views

The saddle pad is an immensely important piece of equipment for anyone with equestrian interests. The saddle pad isn’t just a pad – it is the thing that defines the connection between you and the horse.

Children's Jodhpurs And The Love Of Horses

By Little Fields Farm 3 years ago 913 Views

People who love riding horses also want to inculcate the same love in their children, and who wouldn’t? It really is a marvelous thing, to ride these majestic creatures.

Keeping Red Mite at Bay

By Little Fields Farm 3 years ago 6209 Views

Red mites continue to be one of the most irritating things a chicken farmer will face. The reason they are such a big problem is that they only have a seven-day life cycle.

Red Mite: Defeating A Chicken Farmer’s Biggest Enemy

By Little Fields Farm 3 years ago 622 Views

Red mites are easily the biggest problem that most new chicken farmers will face. The problem with a red mite infestation is that often there are no obvious signs until it is too late.