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6 Effective Tips to Keep Chicken Healthy

6 Effective Tips to Keep Chicken Healthy
By Little Fields Farm 2 years ago 2142 Views

Keeping chicken in backyard is quite common, mainly in rural areas. Whether you run a poultry farm, or have some chickens in the backyard of your home, you need to maintain a healthy environment for them. You can keep them from getting sick by taking some preventive measures. You can reduce the risk of illness and increase egg production with some minor improvements.

1. Look Out For Signs of Sickness

Spend some time in your backyard to observe chickens. It’ll give you a better insight into the personality of each hen. Some of them may be more active while others can be naturally quiet. If any of them looks dull, you’ll know it. Healthy chickens like eating, drinking, bathing and running around the space. Ill chickens are easier to distinguish, since they won’t involve in these activities and would be rather dull and lazy.

Also, take them for regular health checkups. A professional vet will check them for potential health problems and take appropriate actions in time to ensure they stay healthy and active.

2. Clean Coop

Everyone wants to keep chickens in their backyard, but no one wants to clean chicken coop. Cleaning coop isn’t an interesting task, but it is extremely important for your chickens. They prefer living in a clean space and it is your duty to keep their coops clean.

Get rid of dust and debris on a regular basis. You can use removable trays to make cleaning process easier and quicker. Disinfect chicken every month or so, in order to prevent the growth of mold and harmful microorganisms.

3. Keep New Birds in a Separate Space

If you get new birds, don’t keep them in the coop with the remaining flock. Rather, keep them in an isolated space for a few weeks. The incoming birds are likely to spread diseases in your chickens.

Therefore, you need to keep them away until you’re sure that they’re free of any illness.

4. Chicken Feed

Your chickens need a specific quantity of nutrients to stay healthy. Their nutrient requirement varies with age. However, a healthy chicken feed should contain proteins, amino acids, calcium, potassium and vitamins. Make sure you get the right feed for poultry. Also, treat your chickens with sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, raisins, corn cobs and flax seeds.

5. Provide Lots of Drinking Water

Your chickens need lots of fresh and clean drinking water. Water containers should be easily accessible to chickens. Clean their water containers daily to get rid of accumulated debris and bacteria. They can deteriorate health of your chickens.

Add apple cider vinegar to their drinking water in a small quantity every day. It improves chicken health by preventing the growth of harmful bacteria.

6. Prohibit Entry of Pets

You may be tempted to show your chicken coop to your visitors. Make sure their pets don’t accompany them. They can make the coop dirty and make your chickens sick. It is recommended to keep visitors away in order to keep your chickens healthy, but if you want to show off your poultry, make sure they don’t become the reason your chickens fall ill.