3 Simple Rules to Feed Your Horse

3 Simple Rules to Feed Your Horse
By Little Fields Farm
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3 Simple Rules to Feed Your Horse

Are you feeding your horse correctly? Are you giving it a proper diet?

Most equestrians know that the best way to keep the horse healthy is by keeping two things in check- hygiene and nutrition. While many do a great job in cleaning the horse they mess up on the latter category.

This is because unlike the horse’s hygiene its nutrition needs are not easily visible to the eye. Therefore, many horse owners keep giving horse improper diets until it is too late. This is why it is essential for you to know how to fix a proper meal for your hungry horses.

You can kick-start the new diet plan with the help of these three basic rules:

1. Keep them high on nutrition

Did you know horses need the same kind of diet as you?

That doesn’t mean you go prove your love by serving them gourmet meals. It only means that you must make sure that the food you give meets their daily nutritional requirements. If you do not follow a proper diet plan, you will see your horse becoming tired and lethargic.

This is why to keep its energy high you need to give it the proper quantity of proteins, vitamins, minerals, and energy supplying food. Healthy horses require 10-12% protein in their diets. This can be given to them through the pasture, grass hay, and legumes.

Grass hay is the perfect source for vitamin and minerals, yet it is recommended that if your horse looks weak then you must refer to a veterinarian. They will advise you ion the kind of supplementation your horse may need.

2. Keep them hydrated

The most common problem most horses face is dehydration. The humid conditions and hot sweltering summers outside drain out their energies and water levels. This is why it is essential that whenever you make a pit stop on your trail, race or whatever activity you perform with the horse, you must give it a drink.

Ensure that the water is clean!

3. Keep the portion small

Obesity may not be a problem for horses but overfeeding is.

In order to give their horses the best food and enough food, most owners go a tad bit overboard. This proves to be a recipe for disaster as it causes stomach disorders in the animals.

This is why it is advised that you regulate the food your horse takes. On an average, a healthy horse can eat 2-4 gallons of forage. If your horse has no space to graze, then we recommend that you buy a feeding bowl that keeps his hay portioned.

You should feed such horses four times a day in small quantities

That’s it!

You need to keep in mind only these three crucial things while feeding your horse. Even if your horses have health issues they require you to incorporate these three things in their diet to keep them healthy.

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