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3 Reasons Why You Should Invest in a Nest Box

3 Reasons Why You Should Invest in a Nest Box
By Little Fields Farm 7 months ago 1740 Views

Do you partake in chicken farming? Have you been facing a slightly un-egg-citing situation?

A lesser known fact about the chicken coop is that laying hens prefer privacy. It’s something your backyard or barn ventures can’t provide if you have a big flock.

Moreover, not only does this hinder the egg-laying process. But it also increases the chances of damaged eggs. (After all, too many broods break the egg!)

This is precisely why we suggest that you should invest in a little nest box. These sturdy compartments are a great way to stabilise the egg situation. Here are some more reasons why it’s such a valuable feature for your poultry farm:

1. The Private Quarters

Firstly, nest boxes allow the expecting broods to lay their eggs in peace. The enclosure gives them a sense of privacy the crowded barn can’t provide. Thus, they’ll be more likely to lay eggs and keep them warm without interference.

Apart from that, the nest boxes will keep the eggs safe from notorious roosters and curious chicks. Hence, you’ll have prevented any damages caused by the flock.

2. The Housekeeping

Any poultry farmer knows that cleaning the coop is a big hassle. The pressure builds up if you are tending to areas where the chickens lay eggs. That is because you want these places to be spotless and free from infestation of any form. But this proves to be a difficult feat to accomplish with the clucking hens pestering you during the job.

On the contrary, you won’t face this issue if you have a nest box. The rollaway nest boxes feature some detachable elements that make cleaning duty super simple. Plus some of them are portable enough to hose off outside the barn.

3. The Flawless Results

Poultry breeders dream of getting glamorous spot-free eggs.

Yet, the reality hits them with mostly broken, cracked and ugly looking eggs. This is partly because of the unhygienic conditions of the chicken coop. And mainly because of the curious hens themselves who can’t help but invade the nests. Not to mention that the eggs often slip and break when you try to collect them.

Thus, if you designate a proper nesting place then this will minimise the damage. Moreover, the smooth rollaway feature lets you retrieve the eggs without problems.

In a Nutshell

Nest boxes are probably the greatest inventions in chicken farming. Not only do they keep the hens happy but they improve your chances of gathering good eggs. Therefore, it’ll be foolish of you if you don’t make this potent purchase.

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