3 Reasons Why You Should Buy Chicken Feeders

3 Reasons Why You Should Buy Chicken Feeders
By Little Fields Farm
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3 Reasons Why You Should Buy Chicken Feeders

Have you got a flock of hungry chickens? Is feeding time always messy? Do they spill feed and peck over your measly feeding buckets?

Then you should probably invest in a chicken feeder. Now, we know chickens could care less how you feed them. They are not very particular on proper table manners. Are they?

In fact, you may just throw their feed on the floor and be done with it!

Does that sound right to you?

Good poultry breeders consider flocks like family. That is why they try their best to keep the coop clean, healthy, and safe. Similar tactics are applied when the subject of feeding arises. That is why it is essential that you have a chicken feeder or two in your pen.

What Is a Chicken Feeder?

Chicken feeders are vessels that store the chicken feed. They have openings that allow your hungry flock to access their meals from.

Yet, designing a chicken feed is not as simple as fixing let’s say a dog’s dish bowl. This is because you usually keep chickens in a flock so a single dish won’t work. Another problem is that hens tend to be naughty; they like to peck and topple the containers to get to the food.

Therefore, you need to get a feeder that is:

  • Large
  • Durable
  • Steady

However, you might still need a little more persuasion. That is why we answered your main question right below.

Why Should You Get a Chicken Feeder?

Here are a few of the reasons why chicken feeders are a must-have for your coops:

1. Keeps Food Safe

Is your pen in a remote area? Does it have uninvited visitors?

You see, big farm areas often attract intruders like rats, raccoons, and other pests. These animals will eventually enter the coop and disrupt your feathered flock’s life. Moreover, they are bound to munch on the chicken feed.

Chicken feeders provide a safety net around the feed. Most pests like mice find it difficult to access the food when it is kept in hanging feeders or treadles.

2. Keeps Food Clean

Chicken feeders are carefully constructed to keep the elements away from the food. They minimize the damage from unpredictable weather and keep the food dry and germ-free.

Moreover, their designs don’t allow chickens to stand in the feeding trays. In this way, there is no space for the poultry to soil the meals. Something we all know they love to do!

3. Prevents Wastage

Did you know? There is a higher chance of food wastage when you feed the chicks by hand then by feeders.

Chicken feeders provide less spillage, they keep the supply regulated, and they restrict food fights. Now, if you have a bully in your poultry pen then we suggest you get more than one chicken feeder so that everyone gets their share.

Overall chicken feeders make your life easier!

Looking For a Poultry Feeder?

Little Field Farm is the perfect place to try your luck!

We have a wide range of treadlesplastic feederscottage feeders and galvanised feeders. Not only are they well-designed, they are easy to fix and clean too.

Are you ready to feed the flock now?

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