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3 Reasons to Hatch Your Eggs Using an Incubator

3 Reasons to Hatch Your Eggs Using an Incubator
By Little Fields Farm 6 months ago 2064 Views

Nowadays, farmers and hen enthusiasts are using egg incubators to hatch eggs instead of relying on the natural process. This is because once a hen lays over her eggs, they are quite likely to be restless and fussy over adjusting themselves, and in the process, the hen often becomes neglectful.

In fact, some hens, who are lacking proteins in their diet or are too thirsty, do end up eating their eggs. Modern chickens, therefore, are not always quite effective at motherhood. Poultry is a crucial food source and income source for many people. The loss of even a clutch of eggs can be detrimental to the farm owner.

Instead of worrying about your hen secretly eating her own egg, or worse, cracking it, it’s wise to take the matter into your own hands. You may think that incubating chicken eggs is a lot of work, but with a handy incubator at your disposal, the job becomes extremely easy and quick.

With no shortage of things that can go wrong during hatching, using egg incubators can ensure the protection and health of the chicks. With that, let us explore the 3 most important reasons why egg incubators are revolutionising egg-hatching.

Multiple Eggs Can Be Hatched at One Time

As discussed above, the chances of egg spoilage are huge during the natural process. However, in the care of a carefully monitored incubator, many eggs can be hatched at the same time. This is because the environment of the incubator is warm and conducive to multiple egg-hatching.

Greater Control on Temperature and Humidity

An egg incubator offers powerful digital control on the temperature-setting and humidity levels of the system. In a natural environment, the hen is quite likely to grow neglectful. Even the weather can play against the eggs and cause them to crack before their time.

Egg-hatching is an extremely fragile process and only takes places in an optimal environment. Hence, the wave of technology has also impacted artificial incubation. Through the digital controls, you can change the egg incubator temperature exactly to suit to the eggs needs, ensuring healthy and safe hatching.

No Parasites or Diseases

Egg incubation also puts an end to parasites and diseases that are usually contracted through the natural process. As they toss and turn, and collide with each other, they can catch harmful diseases and may not hatch successfully. However, in an incubator, all the eggs are carefully placed separately and receive individual attention and care.

Brinsea – The Best in Incubation Technology

Incubating eggs requires skills and of course, a top-quality egg incubator. The fragile and intricate nature of the egg-hatching process requires you to only settle for the best product. If you know anything about egg incubation, the name “Brinsea” must have definitely come under your notice – and for good reason.

Artificial incubation normally requires a lot of effort and labor on your part, however, with Brinsea incubator, the process automatically becomes easier. With different accessories, absolute reliability and practicality, along with superior hatch rates, Brinsea guarantees healthy hatching in no time.

Controlling the environment and ensuring protection from external damage allow healthy egg hatching. And these are conveniently offered by Brinsea – the best egg-hatching egg incubators. Head to the Little Fields Farm to get your hands on this wonderful egg incubator and more!