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2 Ways Mould Is Dangerous For Health

2 Ways Mould Is Dangerous For Health
By Little Fields Farm 11 months ago 3667 Views

Around half of the British population spends the majority of their life indoors, with a study suggesting that an average British person spends 53 years of his life indoors. This amounts to a lot of time spent breathing stale indoor air affected by poor air quality, airborne pathogens, and mould.

Mould is a serious problem for UK homeowners as according to The Independent, 61% of renters’ homes have succumbed to it. It causes a string of ill effects on the human body, and here is all you need to know about the dangerous health effects of mould:

What Causes Mould Growth

Mould can gradually manifest in your houses, spreading like an uncontrollable plague. It grows in moist and damp air, and likely around leaking drainage systems. The growth of mould in a home can lead to poor air quality. In extreme cases, it can be the cause behind irreparable damage to the building’s foundation. Dehumidifiers can assist in reducing the level of moisture in the air and hence, the susceptibility to developing a mould problem.

Mould can affect the human body in dire ways and can cause:

1. Poor Skin Conditions

A higher concentration of moisture in the air, especially in shaded areas, can lead to the growth of mould and mildew. This, overtime, can cause the body to react in volatile ways. Studies suggest the appearance of allergies on the skin, the development of rashes, and irritation is common with a severe outbreak of mould.

Additionally, the toxins can deteriorate a person’s health after long term exposure. In severe cases, the mould can also cause irritable and sore eyes, inflammations, lethargy, weight gain, headaches, and nosebleeds.

In the elderly population or those with a weaker immune system, the occurrence of these conditions is more prevalent.

2. Respiratory Problems

Mould is not only unsightly and offensive to the nose due to a pungent smell that emanates from it, but prolonged exposure is also detrimental for the respiratory system. Mould spores can hang in the air, sometimes invisible to the naked eye.

This leads to poor air quality and if inhaled into the respiratory system, can result in frequent trips to the doctor. Studies suggest that mould causes breathing problems, infects the respiratory tract, and causes wheezing, sneezing and coughing.

In rare cases, it can lead to lung infections, bronchitis, aggravate asthma, cause chronic rhinosinusitis, and hypersensitivity pneumonitis. These problems are likely to affect those with a lowered immunity quite severely.

Dehumidifier: A Preventive Measure for Mould Problems

A useful preventive measure against the ill effects of mildew and mould is the placement of dehumidifiers in indoor spaces around the house. If you wish to relieve your home of the ill effects of mould problems, then visit only Little Field Farm for quality dehumidifier products.

Our inventory stocks the Control Elite Dehumidifier, a light and efficient device to manage the moisture content of your home. Equipped with high functionality in mind and an auto cut feature when full, the design is efficient in absorbing up to 250 ml a day with a total 600ml capacity.

It provides protection for up to 24 hours from possible condensation related issues such as mildew and mould and is an economic alternative to expensive appliances with user-friendly features.

If you wish to fight the dampness and mould problems in your homes, then purchase high-quality products only from Little Field Farm.